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    For me, on of the best parts of Total Drama are the exciting eliminations at the elimination ceremony! Sometimes characters were forced to vote their friends off, ended up as tiebreakers, or Chris and Chef chose who went home! Anyway, let's get started with: What would happen if every elimination was solved with a fair vote?

    Not Quite Famous: In this episode, Heather persuaded most of her team to vote off Justin. (Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy, were part of the alliance, and therefore forced to vote him off, and Owen was bribed with cake. I actually count the alliance as a fair way to vote, and will keep them voting with Heather. The only thing I would change is Owen, as he was bribed.

    The votes:

    Heather: Justin

    Lindsay: Justin

    Beth: Justin

    Izzy: Justiā€¦

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