Hello, my name is Magmatron666, and this is my first Total Drama blog. In my first blog, I am going to talk about one of my ideas for a Total Drama season. It's called Total Drama Zoids. It is a crossover season between Total Drama and Zoids. Originally, Zoids is a series of Japanese Action Figure Model Kits made by TOMY in the 1980's. Zoids got a four Anime adaptations. This season of Total Drama will have a total of 26 episodes along with recycled animation from other anime shows (examples are Zoids and Dragon Ball Z). Unlike the other Total Drama seasons, Total Drama Zoids will NOT be in the style of a reality show, it will be in the style of an Action/Adventure show. It will have Anime influenced scenes. There will be 19 characters. It will be All girls, and no boys. There will be 2 teams: The Helic Republic (Hero Team), and The Guylos Empire (Villain Team). Helic Republic will have Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, Dakota, Dawn, LeShawna, Lindsay, Sierra, and Zoey. Guylos Empire will have Anne Maria, Blaineley, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Jo, Katie, Sadie, and Staci. Bridgette will be the main protagonist. Blaineley will be the main antagonist. Bridgette's Zoids will be a Shield Liger (Soon becomes a Blade Liger). Beth's Zoid will be a Cannon Tortoise. Courtney's Zoid will be a Liger Zero. Dakota's Zoid will be a Konig Wolf. Dawn's Zoid will be a Pteras Bomber Jamie Special (Jamie's Pteras from Zoids: New Century/Zero). LeShawna's Zoid will be a Gojulas. Lindsay's Zoid will be a Command Wolf. Sierra's Zoid will be a Shadow Fox. Zoey's Zoid will be a Dibison. Anne Maria'sZoid will be an Elephander Command Tpye. Blaineley's Zoid will be a Death Saurer. Eva's Zoid will be an Iron Kong Schubaltz Special (Karl Schubaltz's Iron Kong from Zoids: Chaotic Century). Gwen's Zoid will be a Berserk Fury. Heather's Zoid will be a Psycho Geno Saurer (The blue Geno Saurer from Zoids: Guardian Force). Izzy's Zoid will be a Rev Raptor. Jo's Zoid will be a Dark Horn Harry Champ Special (Harry Champ's Dark Horn from Zoids: New Century/Zero). Katie's Zoid will be a Lightning Saix. Sadie's Zoid will be a Zaber Fang. Staci's Zoid will be a  Red Horn. So guys, tell me what you think in the Comments Section below. And with that, I am Magmatron666, and I'm signing out. 

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