I've never made a blog post before, but after watching the All Star Finale on Tuesday, I really think Total Drama needs to change some things to regain its "#1" status in many fans hearts. I still love the show, but I'd like to list 5 things I need the show to change to become a huge hit again. And here we go!

5. Create better filler characters

This one sounds kind of lame, since filler characters are there for one reason only, but all you need to do is look back to TD Island to see that this series can make some pretty good fillers. Ezekial, while being in only 4 episodes as himself in the whole series (not counting those times were he's Gollum from LOTR) is still remembered to this day by many fans. Does anyone care about or remember Staci from Revenge of the Island? B doesn't talk at all, making him play the role of Justin from season one, Anne Marie is just a blatant copy off of a real reality TV star, and Dawn is really only there to talk to animals. On the other hand, Eve, Noah, and Justin are still memorable from their first season, even with only a few minutes of screen time and no confessional booth time.

4. Realize which original cast members are fully developed and which are not 

This comes really into play for, I guess, the next All Star season or perhaps a season that is about redemption. I know the whole concept of an All Star season is that you bring back contestants that lasted more than 3 episodes, but the writers need to know when they have fully developed a character and when they haven't. 

Let's start with bringing back Seirra. While I loved her character in World Tour, this season ruined her for me. If you're not going to bring back Cody, the whole reason Seirra exsisted in the first place, don't bring her back at all. Trying to replace him with Cameron may have worked with some fans, but how many of you would be happy if I brought back Harold just to make him think about Leshawna most of the time and replace her with Jo because she's bossy like Leshawna?

I think the best way to deal with bringing back a fully developed character would be what they did with Heather and Alejandro. Sure, she was eliminated in the dumbest way, but Heather wasn't the focal point of the season, with just the right amount of will she/won't she with Alejandro, who only talks about Heather one time after she is eliminated.

There are many characters that need more screen time and further development. Why not bring back Dawn or B and have them develop more instead of bringing back the whole Love Triangle Trio from World Tour? They don't just have to be filler charcters, they CAN become more than that!

3. Don't do the Island setting again. Please.

While I love Island, it being my second favortie season, I really think they need to get off the Island setting. Sure ROTI worked because it was a new cast, but we've seen all there is to be seen. All Stars did the one good thing of sinking it (even though I'm going to miss it). Pahkitew has me fearing a little because an Island setting is not the reason people tune in to watch the show! They watch it to see the characters, the drama, and the season winner. I'm not saying I want another World Tour or even another season in the movie lot, just find another place to host the show for the new season!  

2. Don't make Chirs a jerk/Stop with the mutations and cartoon stunts

This started with Ezekial and has effected the series even up to the All Star Finale. There is no need for this.

I'll start with Chirs. I loved him season 1-3, but have grown to dislike him since ROTI. He seemes to have lost the other side of his personality, the one that isn't bent on killing most of the cast members. Sure, it was part of his character, but not the whole time. This part of him also carries over into the challenges on the show, since most of them now are just really dangerous and harmful to the cast. I miss the days when there were challenges like the Wake A Thon or the eating compitions.

And moving onto the second point, yes I know that Total Drama is a cartoon, but what seperated it from others in the begining was a sense of realism. Sure, jumping off a 1000 foot cliff into shark infested waters could kill you, but having Gollum Zeke or Mutant Dakota (God I hate that last one) just makes this great show more and more like The Amazing World of Gumball, which is another great show. Keep the realism, it adds a lot to the show, like keeping fans from panicing that their favorite character was killed when a balloon carrying them floated away.

  • Did they live? We'll never know
  • It started with this.....
  • ...and then became this.....

1. Go back to the original season/character numbers

At the number one spot is the one thing I think that ruined this great show for me since TDRI. This one effects number 5 in the sense that placing a limit of 13 episodes to show like this casuses a lot of bad things. Poor filler characters that are just there to get kicked early (Lindsey in AS, Staci in ROTI) and rushed/ underdeveloped romance (Scott and Courtney, Seirra and Cameron). Island World Tour, and even Action did this part right by not limiting themselves. You cannot watch All Stars or ROTI and not tell me there isn't a sense of rushed character development. Could you imagine limiting Island or WT to this? Gwen would kiss Trent in episode 5, Seirra and Cody would be "married" in episode 3, and Courtney would find out about Gwen and Duncan in the 6th.

ROTI suffers from this the most, and really do hate that. A whole new cast deserves more time to mature, not forced to cram all the stuff that the original cast did in 22 episodes into 13! This is another one of my worries with Pahkitew, a whole new cast and just 13 episodes. In fact this should say something about the ROTI cast. They only lasted 1 shortened season, and most of them didn't even make the 2nd shortened one!

Well that's my list for Total Drama. I love this series, I truly do, but if they don't fix this problems facing them, I think the show is headed for rock bottem, something I really don't want to see happen. Leave your comments for me, tell me what you think, call me an idoit, defend ROTI and AS! I want to hear from all of you! 

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