"No way!" said Owen. "It's dark and scary down there!" "Go down there or you're automatically eliminated!!!" shouted Chris. The contestants piled down into the hold. Then, Chef shut the door behind them. Luckily, Cody found a light switch. Then, Sierra saw a figure swoop behind a pile of crates. "Get 'im!" shouted Alejandro. They all jumped after the silhouette. Noah and Tyler managed to pin him down, and Cody shone a flashlight on him. Everyone gasped. "Is that even him?" asked Heather. "Not from anything I remember..." said Gwen. He had green skin, yellow teeth, disheveled, unruly hair, and bloodshot eyes. "GGGRRROOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Ezekiel growled. He grabbed Courtney by the head and pushed her over. "OW!!" she cried. Ezekiel growled and jumped behind a pile of boxes. "Oh great," groaned Micheal, "We lost him. Anyone have an idea about how to find him?"

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