Alejandro, Cody, Tyler, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Noah, Michael, Owen, and Sierra all reported to the first-class compartment. "This'd better be good," muttered Alejandro sleepily. "Ezekiel is around here," said Chris. "Yeah, right," said Noah. "No, really, it's true!" said Owen. "I saw him the other night hanging upside down from the plane's wing. "I have WITNESSSES!!!" said Chris. Suddenly, a dark figure dressed in a hoodie with the hood up lunged up from behind the bar. It was Ezekiel. He jumped on Courtney, then started beating up Tyler. Cody lunged for him, but Ezekiel jumped out of the way and leaped down toward the door to the cargo hold. "Don't let him get in there or you'll lose him forever among the boxes and suitcases!" cried Chef, but it was too late. Ezekiel opened the door, sprung down the steps, and disappeared into a pile of boxes. "Well," said Chris, "You lost him, you find him." *ZZZT* (Confessional) Michael- "Oh man, to think it's hard to find a needle in a hay stack, it's ever harder to a Zeke in a cargo stack." *ZZTT*

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