26. Courtney She used to be higher up on this, but World Tour caused her to drop waaaaay down. I mean, she just became a whiny little... well, you get the point. And Boyfriend Kisser din't help either.


25. Sadie She's a fat whiny fool.
Sadie pool

24. Sierra Obsessive annoying super-fan. Didn't like her since her first appearance in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.
Sierra isn't impressed

23. Eva Seriously needs a chill pill.

22. Justin Thinks he's so hot, but he's not. (Don't you love rhymes?)

21. Tyler I don't see what people like about him. He's an unfunny "extreme" klutz. And Greece's Pieces didn't help either.

20. Lindsay I don't see why some people like her... she's not funny. Even I felt sorry for Tyler!

19. Harold A world-class dorkus.
TDA046 151 T1

18. Geoff Liked him in Season 1, didn't like him in Season 2, started liking him again in Season 3.

17. Katie I'll tell you, she's a heckuva lot better than Sadie.

16. Blaineley Even though she was a diva, she was a funny diva.

15. Josh Josh and I share one thing- a love for catfights.

14. DJ I love animals, but not as much as him!
Dj has come

13. Chef Oooh, lucky number 13! Anywho, he's a funny guy.
Amazon chef kills ghosts

12. Beth Very funny and sweet girl.

11. Izzy Crazy, Insane, and Totally Psycho... I love her.

10. Owen Sure, the fart jokes are dumb, but he's very funny.

10. LeShawna Love the "gangsta" speak.

9. Trent I only gave him this place 'cause... well, you know... wink wink. Even so, very funny and nice guy. I got freaked out by him in Season 2, but he was fine in Season 3.


8. Bridgette Great singing voice. I hope she and Ezekiel get together sometime!

7. Cody I was sad that he didn't win World Tour. He was very funny during Season 1 and he was great during Season 3. I was sad that he didn't make it to Season 2.

6. Heather She was a very good antagonist, but after she read Gwen's diary, she started going down on the list. I didn't like how she looked in TDA, but I started liking her again in World Tour.

5. Alejandro I love antagonists. So that's why I loved Alejandro. I think he deserved to win World Tour. He was a classy antagonist, and he didn't use his strength, which I think made him cool. He was manipulative, cruel, and evil... and I loved every minute of it.

4. Noah Noah is HILARIOUS. I love sarcasm. "Seriously, I mean Seriously?" and "Come DIE with us" say it all.

3. Duncan I love him. I don't get why people don't like him, because seriously, he's hilarious. I loved watching him beat up on Harold.

2. Chris McLean I don't see how you can't love this guy! Again with the sarcasm! However, I did enjoy watching him get dumped into the lake in The Very Last Episode, Really!

1. Ezekiel and Gwen Yes, it's a tie! These two are the most awesome! I loved Zeke the "Gangsta", and I also loved his spooky appearances and his eventual feral-ness (Don't know if that's a word, XD) in World Tour. Gwen is also awesome. I've loved her character since The Big Sleep. I think she deserved to win TDI. I loved when she got Heather with Harold's red ant farm!

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