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  • MPS2001

    Hide-and-Go-Zeke, Part 4

    February 7, 2011 by MPS2001

    Everyone screamed and rushed toward the stairs. Michael saw Zeke and screamed, "AAAAAAAAAH OWEN HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" Gwen looked athim. "Sorry," said Michael. They piled up the stairs. "Well?" said Chris. "Ezekiel! He-he's a monster!" cried Cody. "Yeah, right," said Chef. He and Chris went into the cockpit and reviewed the security camera footage. "OHMIGOD!" cried Chris. "You're right!"

    Will Ezekiel be found? Will he be captured and held so he doesn't cause any more havoc? Find out in the next episode of Total... Drama.... ♫WWOOOORRRLLDDD TTTTOOOOUUUUURRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!♫

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  • MPS2001

    Hide-and-Go-Zeke, Part 3

    January 31, 2011 by MPS2001

    "No way!" said Owen. "It's dark and scary down there!" "Go down there or you're automatically eliminated!!!" shouted Chris. The contestants piled down into the hold. Then, Chef shut the door behind them. Luckily, Cody found a light switch. Then, Sierra saw a figure swoop behind a pile of crates. "Get 'im!" shouted Alejandro. They all jumped after the silhouette. Noah and Tyler managed to pin him down, and Cody shone a flashlight on him. Everyone gasped. "Is that even him?" asked Heather. "Not from anything I remember..." said Gwen. He had green skin, yellow teeth, disheveled, unruly hair, and bloodshot eyes. "GGGRRROOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Ezekiel growled. He grabbed Courtney by the head and pushed her over. "OW!!" she cried. Ezekiel growled and …

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  • MPS2001

    Character Countdowns

    December 26, 2010 by MPS2001

    26. Courtney She used to be higher up on this, but World Tour caused her to drop waaaaay down. I mean, she just became a whiny little... well, you get the point. And Boyfriend Kisser din't help either.

    25. Sadie She's a fat whiny fool.

    24. Sierra Obsessive annoying super-fan. Didn't like her since her first appearance in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.

    23. Eva Seriously needs a chill pill.

    22. Justin Thinks he's so hot, but he's not. (Don't you love rhymes?)

    21. Tyler I don't see what people like about him. He's an unfunny "extreme" klutz. And Greece's Pieces didn't help either.

    20. Lindsay I don't see why some people like her... she's not funny. Even I felt sorry for Tyler!

    19. Harold A world-class dorkus.

    18. Geoff Liked him in Sea…

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  • MPS2001

    Hide-and-Go-Zeke, Part 2

    December 24, 2010 by MPS2001

    Alejandro, Cody, Tyler, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Noah, Michael, Owen, and Sierra all reported to the first-class compartment. "This'd better be good," muttered Alejandro sleepily. "Ezekiel is around here," said Chris. "Yeah, right," said Noah. "No, really, it's true!" said Owen. "I saw him the other night hanging upside down from the plane's wing. "I have WITNESSSES!!!" said Chris. Suddenly, a dark figure dressed in a hoodie with the hood up lunged up from behind the bar. It was Ezekiel. He jumped on Courtney, then started beating up Tyler. Cody lunged for him, but Ezekiel jumped out of the way and leaped down toward the door to the cargo hold. "Don't let him get in there or you'll lose him forever among the boxes and suitcases!" cried Che…

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  • MPS2001

    Hide-and-Go-Zeke, Part 1

    November 6, 2010 by MPS2001

    Note: This takes blog takes place before the events of I See London.

    One evening, Chris was relaxing in his hot tub. "Ahhh," he said. "This is the life." Suddenly, there was a rustling sound from near his bed. He looked over, and saw Ezekiel's silhouette! "Hey! Ezekiel, get out of here!" he shouted, jumping out of his tub. Zeke saw him andd jumped out of the room. "Hey! Get back here!" he cried. chris quickly pulled on his clothes and ran out to the cockpit. "Hey, Chef!" he cried. "Did you see Ezekiel run past here?" "Noooo..." Chef said. Then, Chris saw Ezekiel's shadow peering in from the doorway. Chris whirled around and jumped at Ezekiel, but Chef grabbed him by the collar. "Hey, Chris," he said. "This would be a great mini-challenge." C…

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