This is purely a blog for those of you who want to to state your opinion. I don't want any major arguments or criticisms.

I just think Lindsay should've won Total Drama Action. Why? Well, for me, the answer was in the seasons first confessional, coincidentally done by Lindsay. Sure, she's droning on about make up, but that just made it click for me: Lindsay is favor to win this season. I mean, movie themes? Drama? A whole trailer full of make up? Really people! Her character got a chance to develop outside of her alliance in the last season and proves she's not dumb (Well, not that dumb), and really fleshes out her character by making her slightly antagonistic to the seasons main antagonist (not Justin). She proves to us she actually can play the game and win most of the time. The worst part?

They unravel it all with her making the stupidest mistake in Total Drama history and allowing Duncan to god play once more.


She's SMART PEOPLE! Admit it already!

Who else agrees Lindsay should've won Total Drama Action?

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