Though I may be new here compared to some of you, I get the term writers pet. My prime example is Duncan.

Even a jailbird has the writers heart...

He escaped elimination three times in a row in Total Drama Action and twice in a row in Total Drama World Tour in favor of Leshawna, Justin, Lindsay, Tyler, and some poor intern. He made it to and past the top five in 3 out of 4 seasons he competed in and has been the 'cause' of a messy love triangle that derailed two perfectly good (I use the term losely) characters and caused a lot of Drama in the series despite not being all that likeable in 3 of them for his brutality to the other underdog characters we all know and love. (Harold, Cody, Beth, etc.) His elimination in Total Drama Action could have done some good and added a good cat-fight. His elimination in Total Drama World Tour before his love triangle counterparts could've stopped a cat-fight. So now that I've ranted my opinion on Total Drama's favorite bad-boy, I wanna know:

Who in your opinion is a writers pet? Why? Why???

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