Anyone who has seen this season knows it's not up to par with it's predecessors. So here is my biggest problem with the season:

It's All Stars...

No, I don't mean the characters that returned as All Stars. I mean the idea of it as a season. We all know that the concept of All Stars is something every reality show does eventually. Cast favorites battle eachother. But that's where it all went wrong.

Hear me out. I know that there are cast favorites. But there were definitely a few characters that I wanted to return that didn't make the cut. Leshawna, Owen, Harold, Dawn, etc. And then there were a few that I thought were not worthy of All Star Status. Sam... Um, Sam. I just think that there were too many characters that couldn't make the cut. I mean ultimately there would be a few. But everyone has their favorites. And on top of that, the fourteen (or fifteen, counting the villain) that we got we enjoyed too much of to see them go early. Lindsay, for example. I thought she deserved a decent chance. Or Jo. She had potential to make it far because she had such a good run with Heather, and they just threw it out the window. And then there were characters that we fully fleshed out that just ended up getting either derailed, or became screenhogs. Duncan, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Mike.

Anyway, that's MY opinion.

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