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  • MHS0501

    It could be anything. It could be any line or gag from any season of any show in the TD universe. I just want your opinions, here.

    My Example: Newf Kids On The Rock, Total Drama World Tour

    Courtney: "I am a C.I.T."

    Heather: "More like a B-I-T-C-"

    Another Example: Not So Happy Campers Part 1

    Lindsay: "Communal bathrooms? But I'm not Catholic."

    Chris: "Not Communion, Communal."

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  • MHS0501

    Ridonculous Race Map Update

    October 24, 2015 by MHS0501

    This is an updated version of the Ridonculous Race Map that I made... what was it? Two weeks ago? This features every location from the infamous backdrop used in the montages and confessionals, but this time they're connected by the order from Toronto to New York City. (Save for Antarctica because it's not on the map at all...) What do you guys think? Any problems? Please let me know. This took me about three hours to get the lines right.

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  • MHS0501

    This is just something I had on my mind, because I'm sure you've all had one character (or in the case of Ridonculous Race, team,) that you wanted to win but they never made far enough. Let me give my example: Lindsay in TDA. Yes, call me a fan. My reasoning: She made it far with impressive development outside of her alliance with the Queen Bee. So, what was one character (or again, teams) that competed in the season that you wanted to win the million? 

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  • MHS0501

    Ridonculous Race Map

    October 16, 2015 by MHS0501

    This is something I made in my off time with Google Paint. It features 25 locations from that famous background map you see on the travel clips and confessionals. (I couldn't include the Arctic Circle, 'cause it wasn't on the map.) What do you all think? Any problems aside from the missing location? I tried my best to be as accurate as possible, but... yeah.

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  • MHS0501

    Why the Vegans Got Cheated...

    September 12, 2015 by MHS0501

    Okay, I came into this series thinking Laurie and Miles were going to be easy outs, but they grew on me really quickly. If you've seen the newest Brazil episode, you would know they got eliminated by losing to the Rockers. But heres where I see a flaw, and it goes back to French is an Eiffel Language. In said episode Gerry and Pete lost to Owen and Noah because Gerry's foot was off the mat. My problem? If you look at the footage, Rock was holding onto Spud; and his feet were off the ground when they crossed the carpet of completion, so technically, our Vegans got cheated out of the race. What's your opinion?

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