• Lyanno99

    All these statistics are kinda pointless when you first think about them but these might end a lot of this fandom's stigmas. The Ridonculous Race, unlike Total Drama, awards the contestants' merit and not the best strategist, what allows us to do things like this.

    Dark Blue: WIN (1st) Light Blue: HIGH (2nd/3rd) White: SAFE (neither in the top, nor the bottom) Pink: LOW (3rd/4th last) Light Red: BTM2 (2nd last/the 2 last to arrive at the chill zone in a non-elimination round) Red: ELIM (last to arrive at the chill zone)

    Average Ranking from each Team. *I did not consider decimals* If there was a tie I considered who had the most times in the top 3. In case of another tie, I considered who was in the BTM3 the least. If there was still a tie, w…

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