So, I was having this conversation on Facebook about some of the contestants and who is overrated and who is underrated. The conversation was pretty much me saying that I think that Dawn is the most overrated contestant on Total Drama.

I have a couple of reasons to support that as well. She is well-liked by a lot of people in the fandom, yet she has only competed in 5 episodes. She wasn't that funny on her time on the show, with only two lines that stood out to me "You weren't held enough as a child" and "You have a need to be dominated". Other than that, she was pretty much just there and barely spoke. Also, I feel like people only really like her for her cool design.

The other people I talked to felt that she was underrated, but I backed up my opinion with what I said above.

After they said that she was underrated, I told them that someone more like Beth should be considered underrated. Seeing as she was a finalist in season two and (to me) was considered one of the main characters from the main cast (I consider everyone contestant on TDA a main character).

Others I feel are overrated: B, Staci, Eva, Noah, Cody

Others I feel are underrated: Trent, Justin, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ

This blog is totally subjective and you can feel free to disagree with me. Who do you feel is the most overrated and underrated conversation? (I know most of you guys are probably going to say Owen, Duncan and Heather are overrated and Eva, Zeke and Katie/Sadie are underrated and etc. but I hope you guys leave other opinions as well!)