NOTE: This isn't a fanfiction. I'm simply saying what I would've changed about each episode of Total Drama All-Stars.

So, most of the wiki didn't like how things went down in Total Drama All-Stars. Though I personally didn't mind it that much, there are also things I would've changed. So, in this blog I'll go through each episode and say what I think should've happened and who should've been eliminated. Enjoy!

Heroes vs. Villains

So, the beginning of this episode would pretty much be the same. Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Sam, Courtney, Lindsay and Sierra are the Heroes and Heather, Duncan, Lightning, Jo, Scott, Gwen and the "Robot" are the Villains.

At the beginning of the challenge, Sierra was the driver for the Heroes and Jo was the driver for the Villains. Everything else pretty much stays the same. When the time comes for Scott to jump, he refuses and the "Robot" accidentally goes next for the villains and Sam jumps against him for the Heroes. The "Robot" is revealed to be Alejandro and it's a race between Sierra and Sam and Jo and Alejandro. Sam slows Sierra down a lot and even distracts her because he talks about Cody, which causes her to look for him and she ends up crashing into a tree. A beehive falls down and ends up falling on Sam. Alejandro and Jo reach the Spa Hotel first and end up winning the challenge for the Villains.

At the elimination ceremony, Jo volunteers for exile and is sent to Boney Island. Everyone on the Heroes team votes for who they want out and Chris reveals that the bottom two is Sierra and Sam. Sierra, for her poor driving skills towards the end of the challenge and Sam for distracting Sierra and causing her bad driving. In the end, Sam leaves by a vote of 6 to 1.


Sam is the first all-star eliminated in Total Drama All-Stars.

Evil Dread

Coming soon!

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