Okay, guys. Now that some trailers have been released, I can make some safe assumptions about this season. Here are just some quick little things that I would like to see happen on this season:

  • Courtney/Gwen friendship
  • Zoey being developed more
  • Heather being an early out.
  • Alejandro not being in the robot suit.
  • Scott/Zoey friendship.

And there's more stuff I'll probably add later.

Now, for the funner part; the predictions!

15th Place - Robot - Well, it looks like the robot is competing. Now, I'm not exactly sure if Alejandro really is in the Robot or not. He could be, but Tdialex made a good point; Chris is holding a remote control when he mentions the Robot. Also, Chris didn't call the Robot Alejandro like most people would expect. Anyways, this is a good first out since it gives the actual contestants a chance to develop for another episode.

14th Place - Sam - It kind if looks like Sam is going to be an early boot guys. We don't really know what the second episode challenge is, but it would make a lot of sense if it were him. He's not really an all-star and I can see his team being fed up with him early on. Also, Lindsay was another possibility, but she's in quite a few shots after the second trailer so we know she makes it to at least episode three.

13th Place - Jo - This episode seems like it will be based off of the war movie from Action. Now, it's about time that the villains lose for real. It also makes a lot of sense for them to lose. They are the more dysfunctional team this season, I think. There are a lot if people that could be leaders on this team and everyone wants that spot, more specifically Jo and Heather. I'd love to see these two butt heads and it will totally happen. It makes more sense for Jo to leave though, because Lightning doesn't like her either.

12th Place - Heather - Now this should be the episode where Alejandro makes his debut into the season. He isn't particularly fond of anyone on the team, but he can easily convince Scott and Lightning. Also, maybe he can convince Duncan as well. Now, how'd they get to lose again? Well, it's the eating competition challenge. Alejandro has a weak stomach and while Duncan, Gwen and Heather all have strong stomachs, they have to throw up sometimes right? It just makes a lot of sense for Heather to leave early.

11th Place - Cameron - I'm really not rooting for him this season. I personally don't think that he'll make it far either. Anyways, it has nothing to do with me not liking him (even though I hate him) it's just that I think he'll be a weak link to their team. Courtney, Sierra and maybe even Lindsay can see that he's no help to the team and they all vote him off.

10th Place - Lindsay - Okay, I'm sorry guys, but while this could be Lindsay's redemption season, I don't think it will be. At this point I feel like Courtney and Lindsay will be gunning for each other and Mike, Sierra and Zoey will have to pick sides. I can very easily see them picking Courtney's side because she is a much better leader as well. Also, from the looks of the promo poster, it seems as though these two will be working together. I can very easily see Lindsay being screwed over by Courtney just like she was by Heather back on Island. So, I'm sorry to say that I think Lindsay will leave this episode.

9th Place - Lightning - Now, I don't really have anything against him at all, but I don't think he can win. He's probably seen as a threat for being so good at everything. Also, I can very easily see the rest of his team getting annoyed with his attitude and him being a sore loser and all. Also, I don't want to see him complaing all the time, so I think this is a perfect spot for him, with it being.


8th/7th Place - Duncan - Oh, Duncan. Always making it to the merge, lol. I decided that I think the merge will be at the final 8 with a double elimination. No one really likes Duncan in the merge. Courtney and Alejandro certainly don't like him, Sierra might not either. I can see Scott teaming up with Duncan and Gwen to get rid of Zoey for some reason as well. So that's three votes for Duncan and three votes for Zoey, leaving Mike and Zoey voting for most likely Scott. So that leaves a 3-3-2 vote, elimintating Duncan and Zoey.

7th/8th Place - Zoey - After watch the trailer, I feel as though Zoey will go far, or at least to the merge. I would think that the producers would want a girl newbie to make it to the merge and since Jo has been pretty much confirmed to be an early boot, that leaves Zoey. Now, I can see Duncan not trusting/not liking Zoey at all. Scott could also get into his head as well and if Duncan votes for Zoey, so does Gwen. It's simple. Also, this season, like every other season after Island, needs a double elimination and I think Duncan and Zoey will be perfect for it.

6th Place - Alejandro - TBC

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