Hey guys, this is just a little thing I thought I'd do each day before Total Drama All-Stars airs on Cartoon Network! So, each day before the premier on September 10th, 2013 I will be talking about one of the 14 contestants that are going to compete. Today's contestant is; Courtney.

Now, this small, perfectly quaft package of pure competition has had a lot happen to her. From being cheated out of a season, to cheating her way back and then being cheated on herself, she's gone through a lot and there's no denying it. I think that season five maybe be her season, but before I get to that, I'll talk about her past on the show.

Back on Total Drama Island, Courtney was seen as a very sweet and polite girl that just wanted to win the
Queen Courtney

Courtney arrives to the island.

competition, which is true. She was very nice in the first episode, but by the end of the second episode she was already bitter about losing. Now, I don't blame her for being upset about it, but there's no need to be extremely controlling because you lost. I really do think Courtney could've won this season if she made it to the merge, to be honest, but while it was a smart move of Harold to get rid of her, it completely changed her character and not for the better. I'll admit though, it gave her a lot of room to grow as a character and it was pretty entertaining to see her go on a rampage.

During Total Drama Action, I felt that she was justified in coming back for a perfectly good reason. She was just

Courtney on the Total Drama Action Aftermath.

as close to getting the case as the others were and she was the best competitor out of the other "losers" as well. I did like her during the aftermaths too, because she was being really honest which I don't think is very Courtney-like. When she returned in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine she was also really polite and fair and she would've been way calmer if she wasn't on the losing team again. I do think that her getting special treatment was unfair and uncalled for, especially since she's one to play by the rules and earn everything fair and square.

At the begining of Total Drama World Tour, I absolutely adored Courtney. She was fair, calm, collected and
TDWT4 08

Courtney complaining in the confessional.

actually a good teammate. She always tried hard to win the challenge and it was never really her fault if they lost (well, at least not in the first half of the season). Now, by the secon half of the season she did become extremely annoying to me after Duncan cheated on her, but if she didn't see it coming then I can only blame her for what happened. She did really like him and it was wrong of Duncan to cheat on her, but they treated eachother poorly.

Now on to Total Drama All-Stars. This season I really think Courtney will be much more calm and more focused on the game and I hope she is more focused on the game. I really want to see Gwen and Courtney become friends again, because they are such a great pair of friends and Gwen was probably a much better friend to Courtney than Bridgette was and Courtney was probably a better friend to Gwen than Leshawna was. I also kind of want to see how she'll interact with Alejandro and Heather, because that story was never really cleared up. I personally think that she and Lindsay will have some sort of alliance, but ultimately Lindsay will get screwed over somehow. I definitely think that Courtney will make it to the merge, because she's a strong player, but if she doesn't then it will be because of her poor attitude. I predict that she'll place somewhere between 7th - 1st.

So that's all, just a quick little blog about my views on Courtney and what I want to see from her in Total Drama All-Stars.

Who would you like to see me review next?

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