This blog was inspired by this blog. Well, now that Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is over, everyone is going to making a bunch of theories and assumptions about the new show called The Ridonculous Race. It's obvious that this new spin-off is a parody of The Amazing Race, which usually features eleven teams of two.

Now, we all know that both Survivor and The Amazing Race feature contestants of all different ages. However, Total Drama only features teenagers. This begs the question: Will The Ridconculous Race feature older contestants as well as teenagers? Looking at other shows made my FreshTV, I'm assuming that it will feature teenagers only. However, we won't know until the time comes. 

Thanks to Julie Giles who has been very generous as to give us a few hints of what to expect, I have come up with a few characters from Total Drama that could possibly be competing on The Ridonculous Race. Please note that there will be older characters listed on this as well, but this is all just speculation, assumption and a lot of wishful thinking.

The first pair is obvious and that pair is Katie and Sadie. These two are inseperable and haven't competed since Total Drama Island all the way back in 2007/2008. That's a long time. I feel as though they have a 50/50 chance to be on the show, because they aren't used often but they could easily be brought back to be elimination fodders. Katie and Sadie can also be pretty entertaining in my opinion.


Courtney and Scott working together in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.

Another pair that I think is very possible to return is Courtney and Scott. Julie Giles has hinted that she has seen some of the "Ballooned Eight" on a character line-up and these two would make a perfect pair. Though they left on a sour note thanks to Courtney's chart, Scott has shown that he is willing to forgive her. Also, lookng at some of the Total Drama All-Stars episodes, it seems as if Courtney still really likes Scott. Therefore, I think that this pair is very likely and if it is a pair then it could very well dominate the entire competition.
Duncan is eliminated

Duncan being arrested.

If my theory of Courtney and Scott returning is true, then I can also see Duncan and his Parole Officer competing together. I remember reading a blog about the "Ballooned Eight" and their chances of returning. With Duncan showing some possible signs of still being attracted to Courtney, I think it would be really likely that he comes back even if he was arrested. With Duncan wanting to keep an eye on Courtney and Scott while also being stuck with his Parole Officer, it could bring a lot of comedy. We all know that Duncan is a favorite amongst the writers and that he has a chance of coming back. However, if I look at it, I can't see Duncan coming back with anyone except his Parole Officer. How awesome would it be to see Duncan trying to do something bad with his Parole Officer keeping an eye on him at all times?

Speaking of being brought back I think that another awesome pair would be DJ and his Momma. These two being brought back would be a great decision for the show. DJ, in my opinion, is in some serious need of redemption and everyone loves his Momma. I personally think that they could bring some comdey to the show, but also have some cool lessons brought to you by Momma DJ. The last we saw of them, they were in some serious need of some cash so why not bring them back to give them a chance?


Jo betraying Lightning, putting their conflict to a new level.

Another pair that could be very well be brought back is Jo and Lightning. It's obvious that these two do not like each other. However, they are still full of potential development and also comedic relief. While they don't like one another, they're known for putting conflict aside to win a challenge. Jo and Lightning could very well be one of the best possible pairs for this show. These two also fit into the "Ballooned Eight" category.

Total Drama is known for bringing back characters who make it far and we all know that Dave, Jasmine, Max, Scarlett, Shawn, Sky and Sugar have the best chances of returning onto The Ridonculous Race. With Dave and Sky not being on good terms, I feel as though that if they do return that they won't be placed together. So for now I'm crossing them off the list because I have no idea who they could compete alongside unless with a completely new character. Though Jasmine and Shawn are a power couple, I think that these two are kind of done - storywise. I could see them returning to as fodder though.


Sugar votes for the Wizard Tower.

I think the greatest chance of someone from the Total Drama: Pahkitew Island cast returning is Sugar and either Ella, Leonard or her mother. Sugar has so much potential for development and comedy relief with either of these pairings and they would all be great to see on The Ridonculous Race. With Sugar being forced to play with Ella, it could bring some more depth into their conflict and they could finally become friends. Now, with Leonard it could bring in a potentially hilarious couple. Sugar and her mother would also be great because it gives us insight on their homelife and also some more development for Sugar.

Amy and Samey would also be a great pair. It would lead to more development for Amy, because there has to be a reason on why she is so cruel to Samey. They also fit in well with the premise of the entire thing.

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