These are my TD:RI Predictions. Please don't say your wrong or Zoey isn't on the Maggots Dawn is. Thanks and enjoy!

Mutant Maggots - Jo - Cameron - Mike - Zoey - Ann Maria - Brick

Radioactive Rats - Dakota - Scott - Lightning - Dawn - Staci  - B - Sam

Episode 1 - The cast is introduced and no-one will go home. And the teams will be formed. I think the producers want everyone to last at least an episode.

Episode 2 - I think the Maggots will lose and it will be down to Brick and Cameron. I also think that this is the episode that has Cameron saying "I want my bubble. I want my bubble!"           Eliminated: Cameron - 13th

Episode 3 - Ok from that leaked pic of episode 3(B, Lightning, Sam, Dawn) and the trailer I think that they will win the challenge. And so with Cameron gone and Brick with his "Cadet" ways I think he will leave.           Eliminated: Brick - 12th

Episode 4 - Since the Maggots lost and they already had less players I think that the Rats will lose. And since the "Compulsive Liar" Staci is...well...a liar... I think she will be the first from her team to leave. Also from the trailer she is seen in the mouth of a Venus Fly Trap (not sure about the name) that's pretty much why I put her here.( Because I think it's the same episode) And because a boy is more likely to leave first and I think that her team wins the 3rd episode.           Eliminated: Staci - 11th

Episode 5 - Ok it has to be a girl from the Maggots. With Zoey as a seemingly important character and Mike being the only boy on the team Ann Maria and Jo will be the bottom 2. Ann Maria seems more important and Jo will try to be the team leader but it wouldn't work out. So she would be eliminated.           Eliminated: Jo - 10th

Episode 6 - The Rats will lose the challenge. And I think it's just about time for B to talk, then get eliminated. He's also a huge threat. I mean he's strong,silent ,and a genius.           Eliminated: B - 9th

Episode 7 - Ok so Rats lose AGAIN. I think Sam's gettin' the boot. He seems like a character that many people will like, then again he probably will get on other characters nerves. So this seems like a good place for him.           Eliminated: Sam - 8th

•Merge - Dawn - Mike - Ann Maria -Scott -Lightning -Zoey - Dakota

Episode 8 - So I think that this is where the teams merge. I think Dakota will leave. Her and Dawn will be the bottom 2. Dawn will almost win , and because of this Dakota sees her as a threat. But everyone like Dawn better. So it's bye-bye Dakota.           Eliminated: Dakota - 7th

Episode 9 - A boy will leave and it's Lightning. I think Mike and Scott will make it farther than him. Scott's the antagonist and Mike well yeah. If he wins then I won't be surprised but I prefer him not to.            Eliminated: Lightning - 6th

Episode 10 - Ok so final 5. 3 girls 2 guys. A girl has to leave. And ,sorry to some fans but, it's Ann Maria. Her attitude is what got her voted off. Sorry! :(        Eliminated: Ann Maria - 5th

Episode 11 - I think it's Dawn. Scott will tamper with the votes because she's a fan favorite. And many contestants like her.           Eliminated: Dawn - 4th

Episode 12 - Scott. Has to be. A villain can't make it to the final 2 again. So bye Scott.           Eliminated: Scott - 3rd

Episode 13 - It can go either way. Though I prefer Zoey to win. Tell me what you think!

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