Alright, so recently I've been seeing a lot of people tell other people to call Samey "Sammy" because that's her real name. This is especially irritating to me because it's been done to me numerous times by different people.

First of all, I'd like to say that you are free to call her whichever you prefer. However, I'm going to call her Samey, because I don't play by your rules that's what she's called on the actual show.

Here's the issue: many people are saying that calling Samey "Samey" is cruel because it is mocking her and condones the abuse that she goes through. Okay, no. For one, she's a cartoon character with no real feelings or emotions. Also, just because I used a (nick)name for Samey does not mean that I condone the meaning behind it. Amy and Samey have a very abusive relationship, all of it on Amy's side. Once again, they are cartoons and don't have real feelings, so I don't understand the fuss. Of course I think that their conflict is over the top, but it's fake and is very entertaining.

For starters, Samey never stopped anyone from calling her "Samey" even when she had the chance. None of these people knew her and she could've had a fresh start on the show. She could've prevented it but she didn't. Another thing is that even her closest friend, Jasmine, called her "Samey". Jasmine would have definitely listened to Samey if she did not want to be called "Samey".

My point is that calling Samey "Samey" is not a bad thing because that's what she's advertised on the show. We don't call Lightning "Rudolph". We don't call B "Beverly". We don't call Dave "David". We don't call Max "Maximillian". We don't call Chris "Cristian". We all call them by the way they are called on the show, so why does Samey get better treatement?

This blog is kind of a mess and I'm sorry, but I hope I got my point across. Leave your opinion in the comments!

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