Hey, everyone. Lately on the wiki, I've been seeing a lot of talk about three characters; Courtney, Duncan and Gwen. It seems like almost every conversation starts with something and it ends up heading to these three characters. So, instead of flooding the chat and being interrupted by someone else editing the talkpage while I do, I'll just write down all of my thoughts and opinions on here. NOTE: This blog will consist of my opinion. There will be facts, but a lot of it will be my personal opinion. Please, do not critize me for my opinions. I'll respect your opinion if you respect mine.

Now, obviously this is a topic that comes up often and many people get very irritated with it. The most common complaint, or rant if you prefer, that I see come up is this, "The love triangle is pointless and should've never happened in the first place." Kind of have to disagree with that one, guys. I don't know about you, but personally, I was entertained for the four episodes when the love triangle drama took place. Another thing is that this is Total Drama. DRAMA. The love triangle caused so much drama and it was extremely fun to way, for me anyways. While I know a lot of you guys hate the love triangle, it actually helped a lot. Not only was there an entertainment factor, but there was also character development. Whether it was good or bad, there is no denying that there was character development.

File:Heroes vs Villains (8).pngCourtney, Duncan and Gwen have become very polarizing characters, I think. Either you love them, or you don't (though that's not the case with everyone, including myself). Courtney, seems to be a fan-favorite around here. Many people are a fan of her fiesty attitude, competitive drive and her determination to win. While, yes, she is all of those things, she is also whiney, bratty and selfish. Whether you love or hate her, you have to admit that she has proven to be all of those things at least some point on her time on the show. One thing with Courtney, is that she is extremely high maintenence. She demanded lots and lots of things from many people on the show and thats one of the reasons why the love triangle even exists. She demanded a lot of things from Duncan and, as you can tell, he didn't like it. He didn't like all of the crap that she was giving him throughtout the show. I do agree that Courtney actually did care for him before he cheated on her and she also did prove to be a good friend to Gwen before he came back, though. One thing I don't get with Courtney is, Why is she still mad at Duncan and/or Gwen when she says she's over it? Obviously in Total Drama All-Stars, Courtney is still pretty upset at Gwen for what happened. I can understand why (sort of), but you have to cut Gwen some slack, man.

Gwen has never really seen Courtney as a friend, until Total Drama World Tour. They were both obviously really close to each other and also Duncan. One reason why I think that Gwen should be cut some slack, is that she really did feel sorry for the whole thing and what happened between them. If it isn't obvious, or if you didn't know, Gwen is my favorite character on all of Total Drama, but that doesn't mean I don't think she was wrong for cheating with Duncan. It takes two people to cheat. However, like I said, I do think that she deserved to be cut some slack after everything that she has been through as well. She has probably gone through more than Courtney did on the entire show. I really do hope that Gwen becomes friends with Courtney again, because I feel that both of them deserve something nice after all of the crap that they've been through together.

Now, lets talk about what almost everyone on this wiki considers the main problem of the whole situation; Duncan. Yes, I agree with most people when they say that Duncan is at the heart of this problem. He was the one that kissed Gwen behind Courtney's back and had the two go at it, but I really don't blame him. Courtney really did bring it upon herself, though I don't think she deserved to be cheated on, their relationship was obviously not meant to last. I thought that they were entertaining together, but I really do think that Gwen and Duncan fit more. Duncan isn't one to take crap from anyone, especially a girl like Courtney. One of the reasons why I don't blame him, is that all he wanted was a little fun. He got it and now its over. 

Now, I do prefer Duncan and Gwen over Courtney and Duncan, but I thought I'd just share my opinion incase anyone was interested. I feel as though Gwen and Duncan work better than Courtney and Duncan ever did. Plus, my two favorite characters dating? How awesome is that? I will always support those two; together and individually.

'Note: 'Sorry to end sort of abbruptly, I'm half asleep and I'll try to expand on this later.

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