Okay, so after analyzing this for a while, I have final come up with what I think should happen/will happen in my opinion.

EDIT: After I checked back at somethings I came up with this.

14th Place - Sam, the Nice Guy Gamer - Look, I love Sam. I honestly really do. He's one of the better
characters in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but I think that this season isn't for him. He's the black sheep this season and he's the only one that hasn't been to the merge at least once. So, I feel like the Heroic Hamsters will take this chance to vote him out since he is, in fact, a weak link. However, Sam is without a doubt, a hero. He has a lot of heroic qualities, I think.
13th Place - Lindsay, the Dumb Princess - I honestly love Lindsay, to be honest. She's adorable and really
funny, but I just don't think it her season. She's definitely one of the weaker ones this season, especially on her team and after her horrible performance in Total Drama World Tour, I think she's mostly used for comedic purposes. However, I feel like she does a slim chance of switching spots with Sierra in my prediction, but I think that Sierra is the stronger player among her team, plus Courtney doesn't like Lindsay and vice-versa. Mostl likely, Courtney will have control over her teams vote and will choose Lindsay to vote out. Or possibly she leaves irrgeularly like usual.
12th Place -  Jo, the Take-No-Prisoner Jockette - I think it's pretty obvious that Jo gets eliminated in episode
Runaway Model (65)
three. I mean, it does say that she was "flushed" and now we know that the Flush of Shame is the new elimination exit. I could easily see Jo being annoying to her teammates due to her bossiness and competitiveness. I can also see Lightning trying to get back at her for what happened last season. I don't think she could make it far, mostly because she is a huge threat. She's her own worst enemy.
11th Place - Cameron, the Bubble Boy - Personally, I don't like Cameron at all. I don't think he should've won
The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (5)
 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, either. I think this is the perfect place for Cameron, because he's a weak link, but he could also be seen as a threat since he made it far last season. I also think that Courtney teams up with Mike to get rid of the alliance (that I think will happen) with Cameron, Sierra and Zoey. However, I can easily see Zoey or Sierra deciding to betray the alliance. So that leaves Cameron as the outed one.
10th Place - Zoey, the Indie Chick - Zoey is a really sweet girl and I think that she does have a chance to go far,
Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (18)
but I think those chances are really slim. I think that there will be an alliance with Cameron, Sierra and Zoey, but I think that Sierra will be the one to ditch the alliance and sides with Courtney just because Zoey cost them the challenge. Also, Zoey is a really good competitor, she even almost won a challenge by herself. That gives them another reason to vote her off.
9th Place - Heather, the Queen Bee - This is a really good place for Heather, I think, because it gives her
enough time to have good interactions and it also won't ruin her character. Since Alejandro is the obvious player that's going to be the "metal friend" that Chris describe, it will give Heather a hard time trying to avoid him. Alejandro's smart and so is Heather. It's just a matter of who sides with who on the Villainous Vultures team.
8th Place - Lightning, the Athletic Overachiever - I think this is a really good place for Lightning. He's been
Upupand away
doing good in challenges and finally on a winning team, but he's a sore loser. So I could easily see Lightning annoying his team to the point where they vote him off. Lightning is also a really big threat to people since he's made it far last season and he's good at challenges.

This is where the teams merge. Merged contestants: Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Mike, Scott and Sierra.

7th Place - Duncan, the Delinquent - If Duncan makes it to the merge, he's in trouble. He's ranked really high in
all three seasons that he's competed in. Also, I'm pretty sure at this point Courtney will be gunning for him. She could easily get Alejandro to side with her (since he also doesn't like Duncan) and maybe even Sierra and Mike. He's a great competitor, but he has too many enemies to make it far again I think.
6th Place - Sierra, the Obsessive Uber Fan - Okay, now, I'm not exactly sure if Sierra will make it far or not, but
I definitely think she should. Also, I really want to see how Courtney and Gwen interact together if they were the last two females. I'd basically force them to become friends again, in a way, because they're the last two girls and they need to get rid of the guys. Anyways, Sierra's a tough competitor and between her and Lindsay, I think she's definitely stronger than Lindsay in more ways than one. Also, Courtney might find her more useful than Lindsay because Lindsay and Courtney don't get along, but Sierra has already worked with Courtney again and might be willing to work with her.
5thth Place - Scott, the Devious One - So far this season, Scott has been laying really low. I think this spot if
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perfect for him because it gives him time to redeem himself and also play a good game. At this point, Alejandro will be getting extremely suspiscious of him and I can see Alejandro getting Courtney and "Vito" to vote him out. That leaves Gwen alone, unless Courtney and her become friends again (lets hope for the best.) So yeah, it's bye bye Scott this time around.

4thth Place - Courtney the Type-A or Gwen, the Loner - Okay, I can't really decided which of these two girls should leave and I really don't care since I love them both. So, I'll just put them into different versions.

Courtney's Version - In this version, Mike wins invincibility and Alejandro votes with "Vito" or the new personality (if there is one) and they vote Courtney for being off for being a major threat, while Gwen votes for Alejandro which makes it a 2-1-1 vote because Courtney votes for Gwen. Then, Courtney realizes Alejandro's true nature and gets mad at him, but obviously he doesn't care. Before Courtney leaves, she appologizes to Gwen for not trusting her and voting with her. They patch things up and Courtney leaves the island rooting for Gwen.

Gwen's Version - In this version, Courtney wins invincibility and since Alejandro doesn't have a choice to vote out Courtney, he votes out Gwen along and Mike joins him in the vote. Since Courtney doesn't trust Gwen at the time, she votes for Gwen as well so it's a 3-1 vote against Gwen. Before Gwen leaves she says goodbye to everyone and tells Courtney to watch out for Alejandro because he's not who he says he is.

Of those two versions, I feel like Courtney's makes the most sense since she is a major threat, as is Gwen, but Courtney's more agressive.

3rd Place - Alejandro, the Arch Villain - To be honest, I can see Alejandro making it this far again. I really can. He's one of the smartest players on the show, especially on this season. He's the second best antagonist, after Heather and he's athletic. This guy is a true power house. He could get a lot of the newbies on his side as well, so that helps too. I can't really see anyone else being in this spot, to be honest. So I really do think it's perfect for him.

2nd Place - Mike, the Multiple Personality Disorder - I think this season, Mike will make it to the finale. He'd be the perfect antagonist this season. A villain on the hero's team is genius. While yes, it's smart, I really hope he doesn't win. Also, it makes sense for a newbie to make it to the finale.