Welcome to my first character analysis! This week, I'll be analyzing Courtney. I will talk about her time on the show, character development, etc.

Overview of Courtney

Total Drama Island

Back in the good old days in Total Drama Island, Courtney was just being her normal self; overachieving. The
Queen Courtney

Courtney arrives to the island.

only problem with this, was that she tried to push everyone else to do what she thought was best. She was bossy and demanding, but that was what made her Courtney. Now, another problem with Courtney, is that she's a sore loser. This is basically why she didn't make any friends, along with her other negative traits.

However, while Courtney has many negative traits she does have many other traits that help her out a lot. Her determination is bittersweet. While it irritates her fellow teammates, it actually helped out in a lot of challenges. For example, if she wasn't determined to win the challenge in Dodgebrawl then she wouldn't of woken up Duncan to help them out. She also manages to stay positive through out a lot of the challenges. In The Big Sleep she tried really hard to stay awake, and she believed in herself.

Now, let's talk about her failed love life. Later on, I'll focus on Courtney and

Courtney and Duncan.

Duncan's relationship over the next two seasons, but for now, let's just stick to Total Drama Island. Her relationship with Duncan, was almost the same as the one he had with Heather, except Courtney really did like him. Personally, I think that she only truely '"fell in love with him", when he showed her that he can be good too. Now, her relationship with him was ultimately her downfall this season. Harold knew that he would be the next to go if he didn't do something about them, so he rigged the votes. 

This is the exact point where Courtney's entire personality goes downhill (I will explain more in the next two seasons). It was actually her make or break moment. Either people felt sorry for her, or people hated her.


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