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  • I live in MA
  • I was born on March 6
  • I am male.
  • LuluTDFan

    Hey everyone - Lucas here with a discussion blog that I think could be pretty interesting!

    Well, we all know what an opinion is and we all have them on some/most of the contestants on Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race. So what I want to know is: What makes for an interesting contestant? I'm asking mostly because I am writing a fan fiction parodying Big Brother so I want to know what you all think!

    Do you think the character needs to have an interesting or unique design? What about their personality or stereotype? Who do you think is the most interesting contestant on Total Drama or The Ridonculous Race over all? Do they have to be a cutthroat competitor or can nice characters be interesting too? I will be going in to specific roles later (heroes a…

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  • LuluTDFan

    Hey guys! Here's a quick little blog about the LEAK of the RR cast! So, if you don't want to see DON'T look!

    • Carrie & Devin - Best Friends
    • Taylor & Kelly - Mother and Daughter
    • Emma & Kitty - Sisters
    • Crimson & Ennui - Goths
    • Noah & Owen - Reality TV Pros
    • Mickey & Jay- Identical Twins
    • Stephanie & Ryan - Daters
    • Jacques & Josee - Ice Dancers
    • Geoff & Brody - Surfer Dudes
    • Dwayne & Junior - Father and Son
    • Sanders & MacArthur - Police Cadets
    • Lorenzo & Chet - Step-Brothers
    • Tom & Jen - Fashion Bloggers
    • Rock & Spud - The Rockers
    • Laurie & Miles - Hippies
    • Mary & Ellody - Geniuses
    • Leonard & Tammy - LARPers
    • Gerry & Pete - Tennis Rivals

    Who are YOU rooting for? Rooting against? Personally, I'm already in love with Taylor & Kelly, Jacques & Josee, Sanders & MacArthur and Geoff & B…

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  • LuluTDFan

    This blog was inspired by this blog. Well, now that Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is over, everyone is going to making a bunch of theories and assumptions about the new show called The Ridonculous Race. It's obvious that this new spin-off is a parody of The Amazing Race, which usually features eleven teams of two.

    Now, we all know that both Survivor and The Amazing Race feature contestants of all different ages. However, Total Drama only features teenagers. This begs the question: Will The Ridconculous Race feature older contestants as well as teenagers? Looking at other shows made my FreshTV, I'm assuming that it will feature teenagers only. However, we won't know until the time comes. 

    Thanks to Julie Giles who has been very generous as to give us a few …

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  • LuluTDFan

    Samey vs. Sammy

    July 18, 2014 by LuluTDFan

    Alright, so recently I've been seeing a lot of people tell other people to call Samey "Sammy" because that's her real name. This is especially irritating to me because it's been done to me numerous times by different people.

    First of all, I'd like to say that you are free to call her whichever you prefer. However, I'm going to call her Samey, because I don't play by your rules that's what she's called on the actual show.

    Here's the issue: many people are saying that calling Samey "Samey" is cruel because it is mocking her and condones the abuse that she goes through. Okay, no. For one, she's a cartoon character with no real feelings or emotions. Also, just because I used a (nick)name for Samey does not mean that I condone the meaning behind it…

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  • LuluTDFan

    Hello everyone! Lucas here with another blog post. I've recently have come up with a lot of headcanons for different contestants and I thought I'd share them with you all. I know that you may disagree with me, but keep in mind that this is just what I envision of the characters.

    • Amy is actually the "inferior" twin between her and Samey. Samey was the first to crawl, walk, talk and read between the two. This made Amy angry and she vowed to be better than Samey at everything she did after those moments.

    • Bridgette's surfing skills originated from her mother's fascination of sea life. Bridgette decided that she would learn how to surf so that she could be closer to the sea animals and so that she could potentially win surfing competitions to save …

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