Pahkitew Island prototype in the TDPI logo

After I saw episode 9, 10 and 13 of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island I thought:

In Scarlett Fever Chris revealed that the island is mostly artificial. So since the island is MOSTLY artificial that means that a part of the island is actually REAL and I think that before Camp Wawanakwa sank Pahkitew Island was actually a REAL ISLAND (but maybe smaller). And when Chris discovered the island after season 5.1 he wanted to improve it, add artificial features to the island for one- make things more interesting and for the other- to make it bigger so the whole Camp Wawanakwa Disaster won't repeat on Pahkitew Island cause Pahkitew Island is a big island. It's very hard for a big island to sink, but small islands (for example: Camp Wawanakwa) can sink any time by natural causes or human causes. Well that's my Theory on Pahkitew Island, tell me in the comments below what you think and what are your theories on Pahkitew Island?

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