aka Annika

  • I live in Minnesota
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is RWBY Fan, Total Drama Fan, and Steven Universe Fan!
  • I am Female
  • Lpswinxmermaids

    Ok, so mostly, I really loved total drama all stars so much because of one word...MIKE! But if you want to know on what I think of the charahters, here it is.

    Number 13: Lightning, mostly because of his bicep kissing, which I did NOT LIKE AT ALL!

    Number 12: Heather, mostly because I didn't see any of the backstabbing she did in seasons past.

    Number 11: Sam, mostly because I wanted to see Dakota come back in one episode so that they can make out in that episode.

    Number 10: Scott, because he didn't do any of the backstabbing stuff like he did in Revenge of the Island.

    Number 9: Duncan, because of him not doing enough bad boy stuff, although he tried.

    Number 8: Courtney, I just don't know why.

    Number 7: Sierra, she was just too hyper in this season.


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