This is what I think will happen in Total Drama All-Stars. I'm not sure about many of the competitors, but I'll try to guess what their performances will be. I know it's pretty much impossible, especially for the pre-merge eliminated ones, but I think this is a quite likely elimination order. Remember: it's what I think, not what I'd like to see! Let's begin!

Note: Heroic Hamsters; Villainous Vultures

14th - Duncan, the Delinquent: I know this is probably wrong, but I can't see no other being in the last spot. Duncan made it really far in every season he competed in: I think it's time to break Duncan's chain of great performances. Also, if the Vultures lose the first challenge, it's likely that Duncan could be the first one voted out: Courtney wouldn't hesitate a second to vote him out if she was a vulture, and she may convince Alejandro and Heather to do so, knowing that they dislike him, or they can plan his elimination all by theirselves. Also, Lightning, Scott, and Jo watched the first three seasons of Total Drama for sure, and they may vote for him since he's probably the biggest threat. However, I'm pretty sure the writers are going to develop the love-triangle, so it's unlikely he's going to leave first.

13th - Cameron, the Wide-Eyed Bubble-Boy: Another difficult thing. Cameron was one of the possibile winners of the last season, so it's unlikely that the writers send him home so early. However, I think he's elimination is possible due to his weakness on physical challenges: remember the second episode of TDRI? If it wasn't for Dakota's paparazzi and Cameron's luck, he would have lost for sure and he would have been eliminated for losing the challenge. So I think this may happen this season. Also, I'd like him to be voted off early. He already won a season and he doesn't need to get far again.

12th - Jo, the Take-no-Prisoners Jock-ette: That's pretty obvious. My love will be eliminated in the third episode for sure. I think it isn't fair: Jo is one of the strongest contestants Total Drama has ever seen, and I think this is the reason of her elimination. The Vultures know her bossiness and strenght and, if they lose (yes they do...), they may vote her off for this reason. If it was for me, Jo would have reached the top five again. She really deserves to go far in the competition: she's the strongest! Too bad the writers chose her to go out early.

  • Team Switch: Gwen is now on the Villainous Vultures and Courtney is now on the Heroic Hamsters (remember that brilliant switcheroo? I can see Courtney doing something heroic.)

11th - Zoey, the Indie Chick: How I'd thank God if this happens! I can see Zoey making the merge again, but I'd prefer to see her being eliminated fourth (or even earlier). She has no personality (IMO) and she's boring, and her relationship too. If one of Mike's personalities (or a new one) is really the antagonist of this season, then I can see him planning Zoey's elimination for being a "major threat" (I feel pain saying this) and this would even make Mike's true personality weaker, making the antagonistic personality stronger than him and he could take control easier. Or even better, Courtney could orchestrate her elimination: I have a feeling that the two of them are going to be enemies.

10th - Heather, the Queen Bee: Why her? Because everyone on her team hate her (except Alejandro) and she's got a lot of screentime. I personally don't want Heather to go out early, but I can see this happening. I have a feeling she won't make it to the merge, but she could easily be eliminated the episode right before the merge, like in TDA. Heather is one of the strongest competitors, and the Vultures all know this. Gwen, Lightning and maybe Scott won't hesitate to vote her off. I think this is the lowest spot Heather can have. I think that Heather can make it farther than 10th, but not the merge. Also, I would like she and Courtney being evil together. It would be great! Do you agree?

9th - Lightning, the Athletic Overachiever: Again, I can't guess anything about Lightning's destiny. He has really good chances to make it to the merge: he's a really big help for his team. However, we all know that a team made of villains would never be stable, and Lightning may be eliminated for being a major threat and for his annoying (not to me, I personally like him) and somewhat mean behaviour. However, if he makes it to the merge, he will be the first eliminated for sure: the others are not stupid and know that he's a big threat for his athletic performances.

8th - Alejandro, the Arch Villain: If Heather gets eliminated before Alejandro, I think he might be inattentive in the challenges, thus getting him eliminated. Also, I think Courtney could place the game over her weakness for Alejandro, and she may take advantage of his distraction convincing the other Vultures to get rid of him. However, I can easily see him making the merge again: he's devious and really smart and e could think of a plan to make it far in the game (something different from charming girls). Anyway, if he makes it to the merge, he would be the first or second eliminated: brilliant brain, super-freakin'-hot strong body and great schemer. He's a very big threat for everyone.

MERGE! The mergers are Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay, Scott, Sam, Sierra, and Mike. This means that five Hamsters and only two Vultures make it to the merge.

7th - Sierra, the Obsessive Uber-Fan: I can think of Sierra as the main helper for the Hamsters. Remember her in TDWT? She could do pretty much everything. That's the reason for them keeping her in the game and why they eliminate her when the teams merge. Also, her behaviour is not one of the quietest and I think she'll continue her making enemies (she did so in TDWT), and this may be a part of her elimination. I can see "Mike" or Courtney planning her elimination. It was difficult choosing between her and Alejandro, but I chose Sierra (maybe it's the wrong choice) because I think the Hamsters are a more stable team. As I can see her making past the merge, I can also see her being eliminated pretty earlier. I'm sure of one thing: she will place at least 11th.

6th - Scott, the Devious: ...why is he there? I can't find any spot for Scott. He may place 14th and he may make it pretty far. I personally love Scott, but the contestants don't, so I don't think he can make it better than this. I think he will be kinda anonimous in his team: the Vultures are a team of bigger threats than Scott, and they may concentrate on voting off other contestants before him; he may pass the merge in this way. You know, even though Scott has a brilliant mind and is quite good in physical challenges, his team is made of better people than him: Alejandro, Jo, Heather and Courtney all are as ingenious as he is, Duncan is a greater threat, and Lightning is the best when it comes to physical challenges. So, who would think about Scott? After the merge, however, he becomes a threat for sure, and Mike, Courtney or even Gwen may orchestrate his elimination.

5th/4th - Mike, the Multiple Personality Disorder: I'm one of those people that thinks one of Mike's new or old personalities will probably be the antagonist. It would be a great idea, he would become much more interesting (yes, he's boring IMO). Anyway, if he's not, he will make it pretty far the same. If he's the antagonist, I can see him placing 4th as the tradition wants; if he's a protagonist, then I can see him placing 5th. It's obvious that he will make it to the merge and even farther. His downfall as an antagonist could be planned by an alliance between Sam, Courtney and Lindsay, while his elimination as a protagonist could be planned by the other contestant that I think could be the antagonist of this season...

5th/4th - Gwen, the Loner: ...Yes, I'm talking about Gwen. I know it's strange, but she's not a saint and she can be really smart. Here's what I think: nobody knows that Gwen can be a pretty good schemer, and she takes advantage of the fact that she was placed on the Vultures: who would ever think about a mean Gwen? She could easily get rid of some Vultures or take part at Hamsters' eliminations (she may plan Heather's, who knows?). I think I'm the only one on this world to think this way, and I know that it's quite unlikely, too. But who can be the main antagonist, if not Mike or Gwen? If she's a normal protagonist, then she places 5th, maybe thanks to "Mike". One thing is sure: she will make it to the merge. She doesn't from the old TDI. So, she deserves it.

3rd - Sam, the Nice-Guy Gamer: Ok, I saw many of you placed him 14th or much lower than this. I have a question for you: why do you think the writers make him compete? Yes, maybe to replace Owen, but not to be an elimination fodder! Sam will for sure be a protagonist, and will make it pretty far: if he's in this season, it means that they want him to be an All-Star, and to be one he needs to make it at least to the final five. Even though I like Sam, I'd have preferred some other All-Stars as you do (i.e. Leshawna, or Owen, even though I kinda dislike him), but I'm realist, and if they put it in, there's obviously a reason. I may be wrong, but I think he'll make it pretty far. He deserves more character development. I perfectly can see him losing to Courtney and Lindsay for his goofyness, but I also can see him in the finale (only with Courtney: two underdogs such as Sam and Lindsay can't be in the finals together, I guess).

2nd/1st - Lindsay, the Dumb Princess: As the 90% of the Total Drama fandom thinks, I think that Lindsay could be one of the possible winners. She's a fan favourite (or somewhat similar) and an underdog. Perfect match for one of the finalists! It's true that she made it to the merge in both TDI and TDA, but remember her terrible performance in TDWT? I think she needs a sort of "revenge", and she will probably have it in this season. I have a strong feeling Lindsay will be in the top three: she's not a threat and she can be a good helper for her team prior the merge. Also, I can see her perfectly in the finals: it would be the funniest finale ever; just imagine her with her stupidity that tries to win the season. I really love Lindsay.

2nd/1st - Courtney, the Type A: Courtney and Lindsay are my two favourite characters of the first generation cast, but I don't think that my feeling of these two being the finalists is just because of my love for them. A lot of people predicted it (please God, don't tell us we're wrong). I can perfectly see Courtney as the main protagonist (or anti-hero, whatever you want) of the season, along with Lindsay and Sam. If she wins, I'd be the happiest person ever. And I repeat, it's not based on my tastes, it's speculation. I can see Courtney using her brilliant mind and strong body to get far, and she may trick and use others: it's typical of her, isn't it? Most of us have this strong feeling of her winning: it can easily be her season, and I hope so.

Post a comment, if you want. Thanks for watching. Lorauri (wall /rankings) 23:00, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

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