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  • Lorauri

    This is what I think will happen in Total Drama All-Stars. I'm not sure about many of the competitors, but I'll try to guess what their performances will be. I know it's pretty much impossible, especially for the pre-merge eliminated ones, but I think this is a quite likely elimination order. Remember: it's what I think, not what I'd like to see! Let's begin!

    Note: Heroic Hamsters; Villainous Vultures

    14th - Duncan, the Delinquent: I know this is probably wrong, but I can't see no other being in the last spot. Duncan made it really far in every season he competed in: I think it's time to break Duncan's chain of great performances. Also, if the Vultures lose the first challenge, it's likely that Duncan could be the first one voted out: Courtney wou…

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