Was I the only one who was was surprised about this episode? I mean, it wasn't a bad episode, after all there were plenty of Noah in it ;D That aside, it felt kinda rushed, like as if Blaineley's urgent rushing in the game had an effect on this episode. I was surprised to see some Noah and Tyler moments! Despite seeing hilarious Tyler & Noah moments, I had expected a Gwen interview especially towards the whole Duncan/Gwen relationship-I love D/G, and I'm curious! And I was curious to see everyone's reaction. But there wasn't any D; Honestly, I don't really want Blaineley in the game -_- They should have brought in another character instead... Lastly, I was a tad surprised that Trent bared no grudge against Gwen's relationship with Duncan, though I admit, their little interactions were nice (: lonely_sparkles ❥ Fight for the g o l d~ 18:11, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

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