Hey I'm new here. I recently made an account but I always visited this website in the past. One thing that really annoys me is that people take this cartoon way too seriously, to the point where they call the writers, the producers or Fresh TV idiots or worse. Before TDPI I noticed that every recent blog was about how bad TDAS was and it felt like every blog was the same damn thing over and over and over again. I get that TDAS wasn't a great season (it's my least favorite as well) but oh god this is just too much. Another thing that I noticed is that most people have the same opinion as the others. They hate Mike and Zoey, they hate TDAS, TDWT and TDI are the best seasons, TDPI sucked because the characters were gimmicks, TDA was boring, Love triangle sucked, etc. I feel like these are not personal opinions. Just chill out already!  This is just a cartoon and all the characters are ANIMATED they are not real! I'm excited for the Ridonculous Race because of the new characters and because this will fresh us all. It will be great seeing something different. I just hope people will stop complaining about almost everything but I doubt. Some people already gave up on the spin-off because the finale is written by Terry McGurryn. Oh sure just because it's written by him, it doesn't mean it's going to suck. Besides, Julie Giles saw what we want. I'm pretty sure she told them to the producers so they can learn from their mistakes. I fell like some people use way too much the word "overrated" and the word "floater" here and honestly I really hate those 2 words but that's just me. Anyway, I hope I find some good and mature people here to talk to and even gain some friends. :D

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