• Devin and Carrie will be callled bland the new Zoke/Skave
  • MacArthur will be hated for being too mean to some people.
  • Josee/Taylor/Whoever the antagonist will be will be heavily hated by the fandom for eliminating a fan favorite. 
  • Till the end of the world, people will still complain about Leonard being in RR
  • Owen will still be hated even more for making fart jokes.
  • Till the end of the world, people will still complain about Mickey and Jay having Cameron's old design.
  • Taylor will be hated a lot for being "mean" to her mom.
  • Tammy will be more liked than Leonard even though their personalities are the same.
  • When Noah will get eliminated people will think his elimination will be "unfair".
  • The Sisters will end up being fan favorites.
  • Stephanie will get a lot of hate.
  • The Goths will have a bunch of fans.
  • Don will be called Chris 2.0 and will  be hated by a lot of people.
  • Jacques will be just as hated as Lightning.
  • Some eliminations will be predictable and people will hate that.
  • Some challenges will be called "rip-offs" and people will say the producers run out of ideas.
  • There will be a bunch of fights in the wiki, spoilers and reviews.
  • The winners in Canada will be different than in America
  • The Winners/Finalists are going to be hated and be called "Screenhoggers".
  • Emma, Kitty, Ellody and many other female characters will be considered "overrated"
  • This spin-off will be just as liked as TDWT overall.
  • I will probably get some hate for making this blog.

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