Let me get this straight.  

Every antagonist (Heather, Alejandro, Justin, Scott, Mal) got their karma at their end of the season. Even the mean type of characters such as Amy, Jo, Duncan, Scarlett and Sugar got their karma at the end. But there was one character who was even an antagonist for a season but didn't get any kind of karma until SMS and that is none other than Courtney.

Courtney in TDI wasn't really a mean character, she was just bossy kinda like Jasmine in TDPI (In some episodes) 
but a very little bit meaner. She was like that until Harold eliminated her. After her unfair elimination, she started to act like a spoiled brat and didn't care about anything but the money. I've read a very interesting theory last week about Harold being the reason why Courtney is such a bad character now.    

She didn't qualify for TDA but she debuted in episode 13 and was considered the main antagonist for the second half of the season. For the first half, Justin was the antagonist and eliminated characters like Trent and Gwen. (Probably even Izzy's second elimination). Courtney on the other hand caused Owen (his first one), LeShawna, Lindsay, Justin and Harold's elimination. What is interesting about this is that Justin did receive karma, but Courtney did not. Nothing. Don't say her breakup with Duncan was her karma because they got back together at the end of the season. 

In TDWT after Duncan's quit she started to become a somewhat better person. She was still spoiled, but she
managed to become friends with Gwen and in episode 11 she was the only one that was worried about Owen and Izzy and tried to help them. Yes you heard me. Not Tyler, Not Cody, not Gwen, it was Courtney who tried to help them, even though she despises both. That was the moment where I saw TDI Courtney in her again. That was, until Gwencan began. Some people say that was her karma, but let me say something. In the finale, it was seen that Courtney is still happy because of Alejandro and Alejandro never said that he dislikes her. He was probably the only remaining friend of Courtney left and since he won the season originally, I guess what Courtney wanted, happened. That's why I think Courtney didn't receive her karma in TDWT. 

Now We are at TDAS and Courtney still didn't receive her TDA karma. At that point, I didn't even know if Courtney
was the main antagonist in TDA or was it Justin. She started to didn't care about the whole Gwencan thing which was really mature from her. She was still bossy and mean to some people tho. After she was transferred to the Villains, she started to have new plotlines such as her relationship with Scott and started to become friends with Gwen again. I didn't understand at all why did Courtney hate Alejandro but whatever. She started to became her TDI self and she was like that for 3 episodes. Then Sundae Muddy Sundae happened. Courtney somewhat became her old TDA self and lost everything that made her happy at that point. The Competition, her friends and his boyfriend too. She ended up being puked by sharks (Notice how the background is from TDA and the whole clip is a referrence to Top Dog aka TDA's antagonist leaving episode who didn't get any karma) and started to cry at the end. In the finale, she was floated into the sun. 

That's why I think TDAS did what TDA didn't do to Courtney. Yes, the whole episode was mean spirited to her, but don't tell me she didn't deserve it. What do you think about this theory?

Please tell me in the comments below.

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