Hey Fresh Fans! This week it’s all about family…

Meet Father and Son; Dwayne and Junior

Dwayne is a happy go lucky father from the burbs with a great family and a son who’s growing up too fast. He signed them up for the Race as a great way to spend some time with his son, show him the world and maybe share a few laughs. Dwayne is blessed in the good intentions department but totally lacking in street smarts. He’s hopelessly ignorant about the world outside of North American life.

Junior loves Dad but is getting to that age where his warm and fuzzy “so proud of you” hugs are embarrassing. He’s cool with going on this trip because they could win a million bucks AND he gets to miss school. Win win! But he’d rather listen to his music than to his dad’s stories about his own first trip on a plane. Junior is going to do his best to look cool while he’s on TV; his dad being there to ruffle his hair does not help.

Dwayne is voiced by Neil Crone, who played Ray Cooper, the Dad on Really Me and Perky on Erky Perky. Junior is voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk, who played Two Junior in Grojband and has been featured in many other animated series. You can find Jacob on Twitter @JacobEwaniuk

Click here to download the image.

Stay tuned to re:Fresh for more info on Ridonculous Race as we get closer to the premiere!

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