This has got to be one of the best fandoms I've ever been. I'm leaving mostly because of the negativity. Especially because of one certain person. I'm done with the negativity. One person here just makes me less and less excited for the show and he makes the show less fun to watch to me. Until he leaves, i'm not coming back. The users in here are all great. Like I said, there's only one user in here that I really despise. I've also seen the other sites. The Tumblr TD fans are cool. I don't get why they get hate. The Facebook group is okay. So is the youtube fandom. The worst has got to be the TD fans from Deviantart. I like the fanarts, but there are some people there with no life who all they do is to whine about cartoons. The Deviantart site is nowadays full with "animated atrocities" crap made by ADULTS whinning about cartoons. I'm not kidding. It's sad that the cartoon fandom is now this bad. It's even annoying now. Why would I waste my time reading somebody's whinning about a cartoon? The fact that these are even made by adults makes it even worse and makes these people look pathetic. Whenever I try to read somebodys review on the recent TD or RR episodes, there's always somebody who just makes me both angry and frustrated with his comments. The fact that this person even calls himself a "TD Fan" is even more pathetic. So yeah, thank you for making me quit this fandom. I hope you're happy.

I'll miss this site though. I hope this wiki stays strong forever. Goodbye!

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