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    September 9, 2015 by LoganParvatiTD225

    This has got to be one of the best fandoms I've ever been. I'm leaving mostly because of the negativity. Especially because of one certain person. I'm done with the negativity. One person here just makes me less and less excited for the show and he makes the show less fun to watch to me. Until he leaves, i'm not coming back. The users in here are all great. Like I said, there's only one user in here that I really despise. I've also seen the other sites. The Tumblr TD fans are cool. I don't get why they get hate. The Facebook group is okay. So is the youtube fandom. The worst has got to be the TD fans from Deviantart. I like the fanarts, but there are some people there with no life who all they do is to whine about cartoons. The Deviantart …

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    • Devin and Carrie will be callled bland the new Zoke/Skave
    • MacArthur will be hated for being too mean to some people.
    • Josee/Taylor/Whoever the antagonist will be will be heavily hated by the fandom for eliminating a fan favorite. 
    • Till the end of the world, people will still complain about Leonard being in RR
    • Owen will still be hated even more for making fart jokes.
    • Till the end of the world, people will still complain about Mickey and Jay having Cameron's old design.
    • Taylor will be hated a lot for being "mean" to her mom.
    • Tammy will be more liked than Leonard even though their personalities are the same.
    • When Noah will get eliminated people will think his elimination will be "unfair".
    • The Sisters will end up being fan favorites.
    • Stephanie will get a…
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    As we approach the launch of The Ridonculous Race, we wanted to share some fun facts with you from the making of the show.

    • Jen and Tom came up with the idea for the Ridonculous Race in 2013
    • Lorenzo used to be Keifer
    • Lorenzo and Chet used to be Chad and Keith – after our directors Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks
    • Laurie and Miles are named after our writers, Laurie Elliott and Miles Horst
    • Devin used to be named Ben
    • Gerry and Pete used to be mortal enemies who hated each other
    • Don was formerly based on Ron Burgandy, was older and in a burgandy suit. His name was Chadley Chizzleton
    • Surfer dudes used to be Bromance Boys
    • Brody used to be called Bro
    • Rock and Spud used to be Mike (Rock) & Corky (Spud) and Roach (Rock) & Sparky (Spud)
    • MacArthur and Sanders used t…

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    Hey Fresh Fans! It’s the last reveal!!!

    Meet the Larpers; Tammy and Leonard

    Pahkitew Island’s wizard Leonard is back! He brings his wacky, fantasy-laden brain and “live-action role playing” reality to The Ridonculous Race but this time around, he has an equally imaginative friend: Tammy!

    Both love to turn every day moments into scenes from their own made-up world… so imagine what the adventure of a race around the world will bring to the party! Huzzah!

    Tammy is voiced by Nicki Burke, who also plays Stephanie in the Ridonculous Race. Leonard is voiced by Cle Bennett, who also plays Lorenzo in the Ridonculous Race. You can find Nicki and Cle on Twitter@BurkeNicki and @CleBennett.

    Click here to download the image.

    Stay tuned to re:Fresh for more in…

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    Hey Fresh Fans! Time to ROCK OUT!!!!!

    Meet the Rockers; Spud and Rock

    The Race is one big party for Spud and Rock, two loveable, best friends who still haven’t moved out of their parents’ basement apartments (they’re just biding their time until their garage band, “Devil Frog” catapults them into super-stardom).

    Rock is smarter and the obvious leader of the two while Spud has all the brain power and drive of a very dull sloth; without Rock, he’d be totally lost.

    Despite their party-hardy attitudes, Rock is really trying to win the Race so he can use the money to move out into his own apartment. Spud is just trying to remember that he’s on a television competition.

    Spud is voiced by Carter Hayden, who also plays Ennui and Noah in the Ridonculous…

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