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    Well, since everyone is doing this, why not? These Rankings include the first, second and third generation characters, also Chris, Chef and Fang!

    Staci's time on Total Drama was very short and annoying. Her elimination was timed perfectly, but she was the most annoying character on the show giving out lies left and right! I don't think she has any potential, and I think she will never come back, hopefully.

    TDROTI- 13th

    Ezekiel was okay in TDI and as member of the Peanut gallery in TDA, but when TDWT came along it ruined this guy extremely with the Zombie transformation! And was it nessesary for him to be in TDAS and TDROTI. I hope he never returns unless he is a human once again!

    TDI- 22nd

    TDWT- 18th


    Leonard's voice was so annoying throughout h…

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