It's been 18 months since "The Ridonculous Race" ended in the US. It was a great series in the "Total Drama" franchise, even bringing the name back to its glory after two shoddy finales. Yes, for the season finale, Don was kind enough to bring every participant back to watch the final outcome of the race. This was so much better than what Terry McGurrin did in these past two finales. Ironically, the guy who wrote these horrible finales (Mr. and Mrs. Bland; and a Major Heartbreaker), is also the voice of Don.

Back to the chase.

Since "Ridonculous Race" isn't coming back for a while (the staff state that they are on an indefinite hiatus, at this point), I have some predictions on what the next season would look like.

  • More Women: In the first season, especially after the first episode was leaked on YouTube in June 2015, the only contestants to come back from "Total Drama" were all men. Sorry ladies, but we never had any female competitors from the first five seasons of Total Drama (given that All-Stars and Pahkitew are one season).
  • More Contestants: As explained above, neither of the four returning contestants were from the "Revenge of the Island" cast. Three came from Island, while Pahkitew Island only had one. The one from Pahkitew was blander than the three Island characters.
  • More Interest: Let's hope that Terry McGurrin does his best in writing decent episodes, just like he did for the TDPI finale.
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