When I saw "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition" in 2013, there was a scene in which Heather was eliminated unjustly by Alejandro. What Alejandro did was find Heather's immunity idol and used it against her. This reminded me of Trent, who was eliminated unjustly by Heather.

In Trent's fiasco, Heather tricks Gwen to meet Trent at the Dock of Shame for a surprise. When Gwen arrives, Heather and Trent are shown kissing. Distraught, Gwen tells Leshawna about what Heather and Trent did and rallied some of the remaining contestants to ally with her and vote out Heather for playing around with Trent. Since Heather won immunity that night, Trent was voted out, even before learning that Heather was behind it.

If Trent competed in TDAS instead of Alejandro, do you think Trent would steal Heather's immunity idol for what she did to him in Island?

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