Best: Heather

Lindsay's dare literally bites Heather in the butt. After making threats to cut Lindsay's hair if she were to team up with Leshawna against Heather, she uses this advantage to get Heather eliminated.

Worst: Trent/Bridgette

It's a tie between two innocent characters who were eliminated unjustly.

  • Trent: Trent becomes a victim of Heather, when she sees him and Gwen kiss. In order to keep Gwen and Trent apart, she forges a letter to "meet" Gwen at the dock. When Gwen comes, she sees him kiss Heather. Heartbroken, she tells Leshawna the story about it. Angered, she rallied most of the contestants to vote out either Trent or Heather. Since the latter won immunity, Trent ended up getting the boot.
  • Bridgette: The boys formed an alliance, because they are outnumbered by the girls. They ended up with Bridgette, not only because she smells, but because Duncan views her athleticism as a threat. The only known sport of hers was Surfing. If Geoff didn't vote out Duncan, wouldn't there be a tiebreaker? This was given by the fact that Izzy voted for Owen (along with Lindsay and Heather).


Best: Justin

This guy deserved to be eliminated, even after he got Gwen in trouble by tricking others into thinking that she and Trent were cheating to go to the finals (which Gwen never wanted to do).

Worst: Beth (when Duncan wins)

This is the most underrated finale (next to Zoke). A bad boy vs. an innocent farm girl fighting for the million. one is nice and the other has been bullying another contestant for a past event, not to mention that Duncan was responsible for getting Courtney eliminated. I know Harold caused it, but Duncan had been bullying Harold nonstop.

Back to the then-present, Duncan had been a candidate for elimination three consecutive times. The first time, he would've been toast, had Courtney not helped them eliminate Leshawna. Courtney only helped, because Duncan needed another vote to out Leshawna, given that Harold would eventually give in. The second time, the only reason Duncan's elimination would've made more sense is if Justin and Harold stayed strong and didn't betray one another. Finally, here is the most infamous reason why Duncan stayed. Lindsay voted herself off. He even laughs at it, while Courtney (the only other person) shows shock towards it.

I don't need to explain Beth, because she had a bigger plot, aside from being friends with Lindsay. She tried to fight against Courtney's bossiness.

World Tour

Best: Duncan (Both Eliminations)

  • First elimination: This is the first time since Island where Duncan gets eliminated, since he made it to the finals in TDA.
  • Fake eliminiation: I would say that Duncan getting exposed as a cheater was great karma for playing a part in making Gwen hated in TDA, but Chris ended up vetoing Duncan's votes for the sake of the love triangle.
  • Eliminated for real: Minor karma bit Duncan in the butt, when he was reminded by Alejandro and Heather that he did get Gwen eliminated. This caused Ezekiel to attack Duncan, making him lose the game.

Worst: Gwen

Gwen (once again) becomes the pariah of Total Drama. In reality, Duncan actually kissed Gwen, she didn't steal Duncan from Courtney. While she was hated among others in TDA, her hatedom was lessened in TDWT, where she was regarded the hero of the love triangle drama.

Revenge of the Island

Best: Lightning (when Cameron wins)

I really don't get why Lightning wanted to take Cameron to the finals, if he could eliminate him in the final three.

Worst: Dawn

All she did was try and tell her team that Scott was hurting his own chances. Yet, he hears this and decided to blame Dawn for stealing, instead of Brick.

All Stars

Best: Heather/Duncan

  • Heather: Heather gets eliminated unjustly by Alejandro, when he finds her immunity idol and plays it against her. This reminds me of Trent, since he was the one eliminated unjustly by her. Why bring up Trent? I feel that if Trent was on TDAS, he would take Heather's idol, cancel his own votes and eliminate her, to even out the score for the events of TDI.
  • Duncan: While Duncan never received accurate punishment for his actions in TDWT, karma finally bites Duncan when the authorities came to arrest him. Fans would argue that Chris deserved to have his mansion/cottage/Playa De Losers demolished by Duncan, who wants to be bad again. This time, Duncan is going to big boy jail.

Worst: Gwen/Courtney

  • Courtney: This was the most flawed elimination, next to Basic Straining. This time, it is Mike who plays a part in eliminating a winner-to-be. This is like TDA, where Lindsay votes herself off close to finals.
  • Gwen: She gets eliminated for putting bear excrement on a portrait, while Scott and Mike come back empty handed.

Pahkitew Race

Best: Sugar

After trying to maim other characters, as well as eliminating two fan favorites, this girl finally meets her end in the game, when she gets eliminated by irony. What makes her elimination more ironic was that she created the talent contest and she got the lowest score. Not to mention that like pre-TDAS Duncan, Sugar gets away with every bad thing she's done.

Worst: Ella

What was worst about Ella's elimination, is that she gets eliminated by a person who she was trying to befriend all season long, only to be rejected. Not to mention that Sugar became a hypocrite and sold her out to Chris.

Ridonculous Race

Best: Ice Dancers

I was so happy that they ended up getting eliminated. However, just like Sugar and pre-TDAS Duncan, they get away with bad things they did. The only drawback that they encountered, that cost them the game and the million, was that they lost time because of a flat tire.

Worst: Best Friends

I would relate this elimination to Jasmine's TDPI, since both were eliminated due to another's accidental sabotage. While Sugar pushed a tree down and landed on Jasmine, the Ice Dancers sabotage on the Sisters, indirectly sent the Best Friends packing, so close to finals.

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