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    While I was on tumblr, I found news on a new Total Drama season. It is known as "Total Drama Dundie". Apparently, the tagline went like this:

    "Total Drama is back and more diverse than ever! The season, named Total Drama Dundie, scheduled to air on Teletoon in January 2019, will consist of twenty-six episodes and an hour special. Julie Giles of Fresh TV has said this season is aimed towards the long-time fans, and aims to please new viewers - she believes this season will “return to its roots”, and meet the criticisms of fans, with secondary characters returning, and the inclusion of same-sex relationships to make the show really diverse."

    Here is the original story:

    UPDATE: Christine Thomps…

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    It's been 18 months since "The Ridonculous Race" ended in the US. It was a great series in the "Total Drama" franchise, even bringing the name back to its glory after two shoddy finales. Yes, for the season finale, Don was kind enough to bring every participant back to watch the final outcome of the race. This was so much better than what Terry McGurrin did in these past two finales. Ironically, the guy who wrote these horrible finales (Mr. and Mrs. Bland; and a Major Heartbreaker), is also the voice of Don.

    Back to the chase.

    Since "Ridonculous Race" isn't coming back for a while (the staff state that they are on an indefinite hiatus, at this point), I have some predictions on what the next season would look like.

    • More Women: In the first se…
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  • LittleAnnieFanny

    When I saw "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition" in 2013, there was a scene in which Heather was eliminated unjustly by Alejandro. What Alejandro did was find Heather's immunity idol and used it against her. This reminded me of Trent, who was eliminated unjustly by Heather.

    In Trent's fiasco, Heather tricks Gwen to meet Trent at the Dock of Shame for a surprise. When Gwen arrives, Heather and Trent are shown kissing. Distraught, Gwen tells Leshawna about what Heather and Trent did and rallied some of the remaining contestants to ally with her and vote out Heather for playing around with Trent. Since Heather won immunity that night, Trent was voted out, even before learning that Heather was behind it.

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    Lindsay's dare literally bites Heather in the butt. After making threats to cut Lindsay's hair if she were to team up with Leshawna against Heather, she uses this advantage to get Heather eliminated.

    It's a tie between two innocent characters who were eliminated unjustly.

    • Trent: Trent becomes a victim of Heather, when she sees him and Gwen kiss. In order to keep Gwen and Trent apart, she forges a letter to "meet" Gwen at the dock. When Gwen comes, she sees him kiss Heather. Heartbroken, she tells Leshawna the story about it. Angered, she rallied most of the contestants to vote out either Trent or Heather. Since the latter won immunity, Trent ended up getting the boot.
    • Bridgette: The boys formed an alliance, because they are outnumbered by the…

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    Duncan is/was a fan favorite of Total Drama, but some of his actions were unbearable to watch (this includes telling Harold to vote off Leshawna, or else the girls will boot him; laughing at Lindsay's mistake in TDA; leaving Gwen to take the rap for his actions in TDWT). When TDAS came, it was revealed that Duncan finally paid the price for his horrible misdeeds.

    Why is that? Duncan was mean to Harold, who was the last good boy on Action, before Owen's return. Yet, people like Duncan and he gets away with all the bad things he does, even when he kissed Gwen, and she gets the boot.

    Comment your thoughts below.

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