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    This is my imagining of what Total Drama would be like if it had been combined with my favorite TV reality show: The Amazing Race. I picked 11 teams (4 from the first generation, 3 from the second generation and 4 from the third generation) and one former Amazing Race route (Season 7's) and then made up my elimination order. Comments are very much appreciated!

    Total Drama never happened.

    1. Alejandro and Heather- Dating On and Off
    2. Amy and Samey- Twins
    3. Brick and Jo- Frenemies
    4. Cody and Sierra- Best Friends
    5. Dakota and Sam- Dating
    6. Dave and Sky- Exes
    7. Jasmine and Shawn- Dating
    8. Katie and Sadie- Best Friends
    9. Lindsay and Tyler- Dating
    10. Max and Scarlett- Racing Partners
    11. Mike and Zoey- Dating

    A trip to London, staying five nights in the Landmark hotel.

    Leg 5: Two Toyo…

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