I am taking out all my personal decisions with this blog, and I really put a lot of thought into this little meenie list (Crap I was like Justin Bieber on that) nevertheless, this are the real top 5 characters of Total Drama. Now I can't count either Alejandro or Sierra since they've been around only two episodes, so lets get this started:

Now I am open for personal opinions but they have to be constructive, you cant say: "Are you crazy? ______ is much more better than ________ you don't know nothing" I kind of imagine someone doing a diva voice and overacting every movement doing that OFF TRACK!. Lets get started right now:

Numbuh 5: Owen. Now I can have like another billion reasons why Owen is an overused character, he is fat, a farting machine, corcky, bla, bla bla almost every single stupid sterotype that has hit the TV over and over and over again, but then again, for some reason that goes beyond me, and probably everybody else, he makes me laugh almost every single time he talks, and some of you may not admit it, but you have to be honest on this one, THERE IS NOT AT LEAST ONE LINE OR THING THAT OWEN SAID DURING THE WHOLE SERIES, THAT DIDN'T MADE YOU LAUGH, I can bet my growing mustache that you have laughed at least one time with this over used character.

Numbuh 4: Gwen. Now I am going straight ahead and say this: "I really think, personally that Gwen is an inferior character to Owen", but if we are going to be honest, yeah, she is more constructive character than Owen, unlike Owen, Gwen actually aports a message to the audience as opposed to being "corcky" all the time. Gwen stands up for every single thing that every teen should have during its growing: Confidence, Environmentalist, self-strong, caring JACK! about the bullies, not going for the groove that is going at the time, and at the same time, being a loyal friend to the ones that deserve it. So why is she in 4th place? Well, sometimes her "Beliefs" are annoying and or repetitive, and she got WAAAAAAY downhil right after season 1, she seems more shy and not so strong willed as before, if she keeps up, she might have to settle with Cody

Numbuh 3: Leshawna. No arguing with me people!!!! NO I just kid with the tone, but seriously. Leshawna is the character that stands up for everyone on the show, she has stand for Gwen, for Lindsay, for DJ, Bridgette, Owen, HEATHER, NOAH, DUNCAN IT GETS RIDICULOUS, those last three where enemies of her, and while some may still be enemies with her, she doesn't doubt about standing for them when they are in a tight spot, she may look like she hates a lot of them but deep down she is one of those people that really can't hold a grudge against people due to her pure attitude. Now she didn't made it to number one due to her incident in TDA and that took a lot of points from her, but she managed to stay held high.

Numbuh 2: Lindsay and Duncan. I couldn't help it, I didn't wanted to make it a tie, but it just happened, these two represent their respective sterotypes so old school and yet managed to keep it fresh and likeable. Lets start with Duncan. Sterotype: BAD BOY >:( I have to admit, at first I wasn't that crazy about Duncan, he didn't left much of an impression to me in the first season, but when I rewatched it, and saw Total Drama action I found out that he is not really a sterotypical Rude bad-ass boy, he is actually very funny, likeable and what makes him actually a strong competitor is that he is an antagonist at the same time he is not, and he has showed his kind and romantic love sometimes.

NOW LINDSAY I just love her, and believe me, if I would've guided myself by personal standards, I would've put her in the number one spot and Izzy on the number 2, but now with the analisis, "I HATE THE STEROTYPICAL DUMB BLONDE" and when I read about Lindsay on wikipedia, I thought I wasn't going to like her, but from the first episode I fell in love with her, she falls for the same thing for Owen by being delightfully corcky, but unlike Owen she is balanced by being the hottest girl on the show (Don't take as a pervert, even CHRISTIAN POTENZA SAYS THAT) not only because of that, unlike all these other characters Lindsay atually got more developed during each season, she got smarter and sharper every single episode she was on that actually makes her a little better than Duncan

So those were really big Total Drama names, WHO IS NUMBER 1?? the answer may surprise most of you


YES!!!! Bet you didn't saw that one coming! I am sorry, but Heather wins the freakin award for one single thing she has done almost during all the series: Add F@#∞ DRAMA, if some of you people actually remember the CAMP TV trailer, the antecesor of Total Drama, and you were like me, you weren't very pulled into the premise, you know why? because there wasn't any real antagonist!!! Heather was non existing, so basically the show was a total waste of animation at the time, and they probably figured that out and added Heather's sterotype of the queen bee that messes with anyone who isn't cool enough to her. during all the series she has added a lot or a little drama. now you may be wondering why Courtney isn't on this spot... Well to be honest, her antagonist position I saw it a tad bit forced and all those abilities she seemed to developed episode from episode, they were just pushed in a mean way, plus she used her lawyers, and that is CHEATING IN MY BOOK. Going back to Heather, unlike Courtney, Heather actually has brains to plan every single move on her plans and she never need of MICHAEL and actually made it further than Courtney as the main antagonist, yes just for 1 spot, but it doesn't matter if the difference is 1 position or 10 positions, a defeat is a defeat. HEATHER; the unquestionably best TD character EVAR!!!

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