You know, most of the time that I go to a user's homepage, I always see all the antagonists as their least favorite characters.... WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT?!?!?!

Imagine if Heather wouldn't appear on Total Drama island, every single damn episode will be almost like a bunch of roses, I am honest, if heather didn't appeared on TDI I would've give up on the show a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time.

The same you can say about Courtney, yes people who know me deep on this wiki or in My Deviant page know that I don't like Courtney a lot, but If I am going to be honest, she did made me stick to the season until the end, she and Justin, but Justin is not that good of an antagonist

and when it comes to Alejandro, he actually is the only character that makes me watch TDWT; the others have been overused a lot already, so Alejandro is going to be a great antagonist for the season, unless he is like Justin, which in the case it will make it a cardboard, so anyways, give the antagnoists a freakin chance, at least put them in number 10, ok that was very childish, point, analize them better

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