The second challenge will be a trio of trivia questions that you have to answer. Use any source besides Wikipedia! Here they are.

First Question

What is the largest city in the contenential USA, area-based (not population-based)?

Second Question

What American food chain is known for it's obsession with onions and it's Australian theme?

Third Question

Who was the 31st president of the United States?

Leave you answers on the comment below.

Have fun! I need your answers by this Thursday at 9:00PM EST.


Results (out of 6)

Killer Bass


Bridgette: 6


Noah: 6

Courtney: 4

Owen: 2

LeShawna: 4


Total: TBA/48

Screaming Gophers


Tyler: 2

Geoff: 2

Trent: 4

Cody: 3 (I know the answers, so I don't win or lose)

Eva: 4

Gwen: 6


Total: TBA/42

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