Well guys, I told you I had to go. Final exams, social life, weight loss goals, and sleepaway camp are going to prevent me from coming back to this wiki until August. Before I go, I want to tell you something. I usually forget things. If I forget to come back (I hope I don't), I want to thank everyone for a great 7-month time here.

Webkinz Mania: You led this wiki through tough times and are the reason many of us are here today and not quitting.

Nalyd Renrut: A very nice president who is friendly to many of us.

Freehugs41: When I had some personal troubles with users during the February-March months, you stuck by me and helped me and stayed as my friend.

Ryan: The newest admin, and he is great with being social. I really hope you win Countdown.

CD-TDA: Even though we fought, now we are great friends. I think I will probably miss you most.

If I forgot anyone, I am sorry. I am doing this in school so I don't have much time to do this. If you want to say anything to me before me before I leave, just post a comment.


Countdown: My blog is going to be stopped. Who am I rooting for? Ryan, Kitty, and CD-TDA.

Featured User Running: I will come back in August, start up my Mainspace run, and then repost my self-nomination.

Total Drama World Tour: My thoughts are this:

  • Alejandro: Just what we need. Another hot guy who takes his shirt off one too many times. (That was sarcastic.)
  • Bridgette: All she needs is determination to cope with being without Geoff. She will see him again in 42 days.
  • Cody: He could've won if he wasn't so annoying and if he didn't get mauled by a bear. But with Sierra on his trail, their team (if they're on the same team) will probably choose Sierra over him because he is kind of... weak.
  • Courtney: The only people who don't have a conflict with her this season are Bridgette, Cody, and Noah.
  • DJ: If he doesn't quit, he will be fine. Even with his illegal alliance, everyone wanted Chef to go instead.
  • Duncan: He won before. Plus, he is overrated.
  • Ezekiel: Good luck. He was voted out first, and now he is all "up in the clouds" with his bling.
  • Gwen: A huge threat: smart, strategic, and independent as well as strong.
  • Harold: Plain annoying. Next!
  • Heather: Like Courtney, she has a conflict with everyone except Harold, LeShawna, and DJ.
  • Izzy: Likeable, and crazy. That can get in her way and be a stumbling block.
  • LeShawna: Everyone knows how good she is. Best thing they could do is vote her out first.
  • Lindsay: Like LeShawna.
  • Noah: Voted out third in the only season he competed in, weak, mean.
  • Owen: A nicer version of Duncan.
  • Tyler: If he can get in the game, he actually has a shot.

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