I am leaving soon, but I think I should still share my thoughts about the first episode. Here are my Power Rankings,

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1. Team Victory

This team is the most well-rounded. It has likeable, strong players and no major conflicts.

  1. DJ - He always is liked, and he has always had a good shot at winning. I just wish he could have a little toughness, but not too much, just enough for his team to win.
  2. Bridgette - Despite rumors that she will be eliminated in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, I think she has a good shot. She seemed determined to continue without Geoff and win it, and was able to not flirt with Alejandro except in the song.
  3. LeShawna - She's a huge threat, but she always has had a surprise elimination, so if people are smart, she will win.
  4. Lindsay - This isn't going to be her season. I have a vibe about that.
  5. Harold - Very annoying and such.
  6. Ezekiel - He just doesn't know how to play the game. Sorry.

2. Team Amazon

This team outrules TCIRRRRH because they have stronger players.

  1. Gwen - Gwen is strong, nice, and only has a conflict with Heather that won't last long aster Heather patched up things with LeShawna last season.
  2. Cody - A guy who means well, and there are major conflicts within the girls which gies him power. Gwen is a stronger player physically and mentally too.
  3. Izzy - Smart, but she doesn't stay focused. I am starting to think that she has ADHD.
  4. Heather - She has more power than Courtney because she was nicer last season, and her teammates might let bygones be bygones. Heather has only a major conflict with Trent, Gwen, and Lindsay and minor conflicts with everyone else. However, minor conflicts don't last long.
  5. Courtney - She was like Heather last season, but that was more recent, which gives her a lot more enemies now.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot/

Unable to agree on anything. Not good. Plus, this was the team made of people who finished last in the challenge.

  1. Sierra - All the guys can't agree on anything, not even a team name. That boosts her up too number one.
  2. Tyler - He has a good social game now, being more talkative and friendly, but his physical game is pretty bad.
  3. Alejandro - I don't know anything about him, so I don't know where to place him.
  4. Noah - When travelling and doing themed challenges, he would only help in a trivia contest.
  5. Owen - He won the first season, and made it to third place in the second season. He has the highest average placing of anyone, averaging second place (Duncan averages 2.5th). This is why they should pick him off first.


  1. Duncan - Quite frankly, I've had enough of him. He is too overrated. We need more Tyler, Noah, Cody, etc. He is finished. First guy in Total Drama to win one season and then leave first the next.

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