I need to catch up with everyone...

1. Just so you know, my b-day was last Saturday. I'm sorry I wasn't able to celebrate it with you guys...

2. My mom has these "no nothing" fits, where I can't have any electronics, junk food, or even a chance to breath because she piles so much on me. These fits go away after a day or two, but this one seems like it might stay. I think I might not be able to stay on the wiki for a while... so I'll maybe see you the 29th (I'll miss you all!) :(

3. I need help with making a signature.

4. Congrats to Nalyd and WM for becoming the new president and VP.

5. Congrats to Bigez and NIzzy for becoming the newest rollbacks and to TDIFan13 for becoming the newest admin.

6. The reunion special was a little lame... but I like Katie and Sadie's new outfits!

7. Reunion special... I though Sierra was interesting, but Alejandro was lame. The Gwen vs. Heather fight was unbelievable.

8. Since I won't be here for a while, can someone nominate a featured quote for me? (I'm thinking Harold's line from Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen when he makes the dophin noises... LOL)

9. Best of luck to BB and WM on the RP. (I'm on team Beth!)

10. As for RP, let me know when signups for Season 4 are open. I'd like to create a character...

11. I'm thinking that I should stay on the actual wiki and not the IRC for while when I get back.

That's all guys!


(Talk to me via talk page for a while)

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