Editing Gophers:

  • CD-TDA: She has a great social game, and she makes a lot of edits that I see on the "Recent Changes" toolbar on the left.
  • TDIFan13: He might not have as good of a social game, and he has a lot of edits, making him a threat.
  • Tdifan24: I never really see him, and he doesn't have so many edits.
  • TDAROCKS: He is making a lot of edits, but many of them are reverts.
  • MTDM: Not making so many edits. :(
  • TotalDramaFan1000: Who is he?

Killer Editors:

  • NinjaIzzy: Active, and kind. A MAJOR THREAT!
  • "Zap": He isn't that social, and I haven't seen many of his Mainspace Edits.
  • Kevvy9: Never even heard of him.
  • KittyTDA98: Kind of a good editor.
  • Ragingblaze: He is cool, friendly, and a good editor.

Elimination Predictions:

1st Eliminated: Kevvy9

2nd: TotalDramaFan1000

3rd: TDIFan13

4th: KittyTDA98

5th: Tdifan24

6th: MTDM

7th: NinjaIzzy

8th: LF271

9th: Ragingblaze


Runner Up: "Zap"

Winner: CDTDA

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