• Lindsayfan271

    Season 4 Signup

    June 21, 2010 by Lindsayfan271

    Here is my signup. I don't want to miss the Roleplay auditions, so please don't say anything about the official signups not being open, and this will be my signup unless if the signups are open after August 4th.

    Name Contestant Audition Time Personality Traits Lifestyle
    Lindsayfan271 Ashley Anytime after August 4th Actor, Brave, Spoiled, Athletic, Flirty Attractive, Kosher Read more >
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    TDWT Predictions

    June 13, 2010 by Lindsayfan271

    I am leaving soon, but I think I should still share my thoughts about the first episode. Here are my Power Rankings,

    Blog Entry

    1. Team Victory

    This team is the most well-rounded. It has likeable, strong players and no major conflicts.

    1. DJ - He always is liked, and he has always had a good shot at winning. I just wish he could have a little toughness, but not too much, just enough for his team to win.
    2. Bridgette - Despite rumors that she will be eliminated in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, I think she has a good shot. She seemed determined to continue without Geoff and win it, and was able to not flirt with Alejandro except in the song.
    3. LeShawna - She's a huge threat, but she always has had a surprise elimination, so if people are smart, she …

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  • Lindsayfan271

    This is it!

    June 4, 2010 by Lindsayfan271

    Well guys, I told you I had to go. Final exams, social life, weight loss goals, and sleepaway camp are going to prevent me from coming back to this wiki until August. Before I go, I want to tell you something. I usually forget things. If I forget to come back (I hope I don't), I want to thank everyone for a great 7-month time here.

    Webkinz Mania: You led this wiki through tough times and are the reason many of us are here today and not quitting.

    Nalyd Renrut: A very nice president who is friendly to many of us.

    Freehugs41: When I had some personal troubles with users during the February-March months, you stuck by me and helped me and stayed as my friend.

    Ryan: The newest admin, and he is great with being social. I really hope you win Countdown.


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  • Lindsayfan271

    The IRC

    May 29, 2010 by Lindsayfan271

    A bunch of people have been bugging me about the IRC. The computer that has Java is not fast, so I normally use a computer without Java. Also, I have a program that bans me from the IRC that was installed recently called NetNanny. It's annoying, but still I can't come. Here is a new system for me. Talk to me on my talk page. I will erase the message. Then I will respond. You must erase the message. It's like a PM on IRC, but slower. I'm sorry, but this needs to happen if you want to talk to me.

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  • Lindsayfan271

    How's Lindsayfan271?

    <center>Blog Entry (1)

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    This is my official "Countdown to 10,000" Blog. I will folow WM's style and do power rankings, elimination predictions, and reflections on eliminations.

    Editing Gophers:

    • 6. Mr. Totaldramaman - Unless you start making edits like queen termites make eggs, you will be walking the plank. The reason why you are lower is because you used to be active, meaning that your team is probably expecting a lot more out of you.
    • 5. TotalDramaFan1000 - You are new, and so nobody knows you. This fact will make it hard to make alliances with your team.
    • 4. Tdifan24 - I haven't seen you so much, but at least more than MTDM and TDF1000. However, he is the type of guy who makes about two edits a day.
    • 3. TDIFan13…

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