Hey guys! Cove's TDMW here from YouTube. My pal TotalDramaNoahh and I are trying to get a Total Drama video game out there. We know TD is slowly dying, especially the community, as we grow older. Even on YouTube, the once big camps are slowly dying out. We want to reboot this TV series and show. We all love it. We've had this idea for a while and are finally trying to publicize it, as we see a great opportunity. 

We're starting off with a petition online, which is only our first step to achieving our goal. After we hit 5,000 signatures (our goal), Noahh has ties to Fresh and will ask them to look into it, all while trying to contact an Indie developer (or Fresh can take care of that part). We have stockpiled plenty of ideas, including mechanics and gameplay, and in the end we want to start a Kickstarter for this (mostly for the Indie Developer, if necessary). We even have ideas for beta. We know a game like this might take some money, but we also know TD still has a huge fanbase out there. 

So, whattya say? Let's make Total Drama great again!

Here are helpful links:


Noah's video:

My video:

Please help us out! Thanks a lot! Signing the petition costs nothing, btw!

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