As were nearing the end of World Tour online, i have to ask, how did you get into the series? did you come in on the first season, second season, third? What did you think when you saw commercials for it? What was your favorite episode? What character did you like or hate immediately? i'll tell you my story and then you can edit this blog or leave a comment about your story.

i came in after TDI was over but before TDA started. the first commercial i saw made me cringe and say "that is disgusting, never gonna watch it!" well... look where i am now lol. the commercial was basically a montage of puking from Brunch of Disgusting-ness. one time when i was at my cousins house, the youngest one started talking about the show. he told me about the moment in That's Off the Chain when Lindsay flipped Heather off (because he watches the CN version, he didn't hear the bleep) and he also told me that Owen won, i could honestly care less about what he was talking about.

After that, i told my sister what he told me and she said she's seen two episodes, No Pain No Game and Search and Do Not Destroy, and said they were good (again, i didn't care). one morning before school i was bored and decided to see what was on On Demand, went to Cartoon Network, saw the show category and went "awww, what the heck?" and watched Phobia Factor. i thought it was pretty good so i watched Paintball Deer Hunt (yes, i skipped episode 8.... i don't know why, i guess i read the description and went "no... no thanks"), thought it was good too and went off to school. when i got home i told my sister i watched it and liked it and soon after that, we ended up watching the show from No Pain No Game up to The Very Last Episode, Really (on Veoh so the edits were gone, so i got the bleeps from That's Off the Chain)! we watched every episode we missed whenever we could.

i can tell you that i loved the show after i say my 4th (my sister's second) episode, episode 16, which is kind of ironic *coughcough6Teencough*, which ended up being my favorite episode of Total Drama Island, if not the whole show. that was also definitely the episode that made me LOVE the Gwen and Trent relationship and make me HATE Heather. heck, the only reason i don't let loose and like Heather (i'm phased when she's singing incredibly) is because of what she did that episode.

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